CX 10GB free online backup CX is a new kind of cloud experience that takes content to the next level with a range of unique features: secure storage, real-time syncing, public and private sharing, interactive group collaboration, and intelligent discovery. Easily organize your content, access it on the go, share it with friends or publish it online — you decide what and when. Want to discuss a file with a team? CX does that too with group functionality and a unique file commenting system.

STORE all your stuff with CX.  Start with 10GB free and get up to 16GB total when you refer friends. Need more room? They have plans for 50GB100GB, and custom amounts for whatever you need. Plus, 256 bit encryption, redundant backups and firewall protection keeps your data safe in the CX cloud.

Works with:

SYNC effortlessly across devices.  Forget emailing stuff to yourself. With CX you can keep your work and home life in sync on as many devices as you want. Your stuff is always ready to access wherever you are.

SHARE the way you want. With CX you have total control over what you share and how. Choose from public or private file-sharing options and share stuff with the world on your favorite social networks. Bonus: when you share a file with someone it doesn’t take up space in their account. Files only count toward the file owner’s storage quota.

COLLABORATE for fun or work. Every file has a comment stream. Share a file, and CX users can comment on it too. Join or create a group and everyone can join the conversation, edit files or add new ones.

DISCOVER new ideas, new friends, and more.  See what others are publishing across CX. Find people with similar interests and join in conversations across the globe. CX Discover is constantly growing and strives to bring you the most relevant content and connections. pricing plans

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