DriveHQ offers a wide assortment of features not seen on many online backup companies.

Works with Windows, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Linux, FTP programs such as FileZilla

Pricing:  1 GB for free, 2 GB for $30/year, 3 GB for $50/year, 6 GB for $80/year, etc… Full pricing can be found here.

Feature Summary:

  • Drag-n-drop upload or download

    Using DriveHQ FileManagerFTP or mapped drive, you can upload or download any type of file. There is no file size limit. It is that easy and it is super fast. Installing client software is not required, but recommended.

  • Backup files and emails automatically

    Backup and restore files from anywhere, any time. No device needed. You can backup many PCs, laptops, MACs and servers. There is no limit on number of PCs, and there is no surcharge for backing up expensive servers. MAC backup is also supported.

  • FTP / email / web hosting

    DriveHQ FTP Server and Email Server support all standard email and FTP features. Just sign up DriveHQ, no need to order server hardware, software and hosting service. You can easily manage your virtual servers and user accounts online from anywhere. Never worry about server problems again!

  • Quick file sharing and advanced folder sharing

    Just select a folder / file, click on Share. You can share any size folders / files easily. You can share different folders to different people with different permissions.

  • File Manager and drive mapping

    With DriveHQ FileManager client software, you can store, access and share files from anywhere, including PCs, MACs and mobile devices. Computer World / PC Advisor rated FileManager as one of the best online storage, sharing and sync software. Install it and you will love it!

    If you don’t want to install any software, DriveHQ supports WebDAV drive mapping. You can map DriveHQ cloud storage as a network drive (e.g. Z:\).

  • Sub-accounts and group collaboration

    Our group account service is free with 1 free sub-user license. You can create and manage sub-accounts and sub-groups, assign different user roles, share storage space among group members, share different folders to different sub-users / sub-groups with different permissions.

  • Folder synchronization

    DriveHQ FileManager can synchronize local folders with remote folders. It can also synchronize multiple PCs and multiple user accounts. To sync folders among multiple user accounts, you can create a shared folder among your group members, set the share permission to “full access”. Then all users can sync to a folder in the shared folder.

    FileManager also supports real-time / scheduled synchronization and one-way / two-way synchronization.

  • A true Drop Box

    Drop box enables anybody to securely upload files to you without having to sign up or log on. You just need to provide the drop box URL. Other users can visit the drop box page and securely upload files using a web browser. Files uploaded to a drop box can only be accessed by you. It is that easy!

  • Mobile Apps and Services

    DriveHQ web, FTP, email and WebDAV services can be accessed from most mobile platforms. For more information, please visit DriveHQ mobile services. DriveHQ also has mobile applications for iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Phone 7, offering far better experience than any other mobile cloud storage applications.

Here’s a comparison of DriveHQ to several top online backup companies:


Here are some demos which explain some of the many services that DriveHQ has to offer:

Web Access Demo

FileManager Live Demo

DriveHQ Online Backup Live Demo

Ftp Live Demo

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