IBackup enables small and medium sized businesses to get enterprise-class online backup with superior performance for their critical data at a fraction of cost. Global corporations, Business houses and people trust IBackup for their storage and backup needs.

IBackup provides an extensive enterprise ready feature-set for secure online storage with superior performance including Versioning, Network Drive, Sharing and Mobile Access. IBackup is the most recommended and used online storage and backup provider for small business.

IBackup’s online backup services include applications for automatic scheduling of backups with Compression, Encryption, Incremental/Full backups, Versioning, synchronization, open file support for Outlook, MS SQL ServerMS Exchange ServerOracle ServerMS SharePoint Server backups and more.IBackup guarantees superior performance*, often at 30% or more, compared to competition.

MS Exchange Server

Exchange Brick-Level
Mailbox Backup

IBackup for Windows provides an easy, secure, fast and reliable way to backup the MS Exchange Server databases to your IBackup account. This application can backup/restore the MS Exchange Server databases without interrupting the running MS Exchange Server services.Backup of the MS Exchange Server databases is a method forcomplete backup (or recovery) of the Exchange Server databases.

To perform reliable backups of your running Exchange Server
click here

The ‘Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup’ method allows you to backup individual mailboxes on the MS Exchange Store to your IBackup account. The application backs up the contents of the selected mailboxes to a Personal Folder (.PST) file.It is designed to backup/restore individual mailboxes for selected mailbox stores. It is not a method for complete backup or recovery of Exchange database.

To perform ‘Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup’ of individual mailboxes click here.


  • Backup of MS SQL Server databases without interrupting running MS SQL Server services
  • Supports full and transaction log style backups
  • Reliable backups using Microsoft SQL Server API technology
  • Advanced scheduling options including email notification
  • Wire compression of data for optimal backup and restore time
  • Easy-to-use wizards

Backup, View and Share your photos / videos, directly from your iPhone.

On Demand StorageIBackup offers On Demand Storage for all accounts. If your storage exceeds the plan limits, there is no compulsion to upgrade to a new plan. However, you are charged an additional $2 per GB/month.
* IBackup allows you to retain and restore 30 previous versions of all files backed up to your account. The additional storage requirement for the previous versions has no impact on your account’s space, as your storage is computed only for the most current version; historical versions are stored free.
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