Sumo Backup

We have not yet tried Sumo, and are a bit leery of their bare-bones website, but in case you are interested here is some generic information from their website:

The best protection for your company’s most valuable assets

Same IBM backup technology used by large corporations

  • Easy to use: Runs in the background
  • It’s like “insurance” for your data
  • Creates a new file version every time you save
  • Easy on your bandwidth
  • Recover from a previous point in time
  • Local and remote backup capability
  • Grows with your company

When disaster strikes, you need to get back up and running as soon as possible. You need an easy-to-use disaster recovery solution that works seamlessly in the background, and gives you instant access to your critical data files…

… anywhere, anytime, and from any point in time.

If you’re tired of cheap, wimpy online backup solutions that don’t work, you need something heavier. Take a moment right now and sign up for your free trial of Sumo Backup.

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