Trend Micro SafeSync (formerly Humyo)

safe sync automated online backup and syncWant to backup your photos or files? Access your digital stuff anytime, anywhere? Share your photos with friends or family? SafeSync is your all-in-one solution to protect, access and share your digital life online.

Backup and Sync an unlimited number of your digital files with Trend Micro SafeSync!  Click here to visit SafeSync and learn More.

We definitely recommend that you try out SafeSync.  There’s a 30-day free trial so no harm in taking it for a spin.  They offer an extremely wide assortment of features including of course backup and sync, but also streaming of your media (including HD) to any computer, photo albums, unlimited transfer speeds, etc…  Trend Micro SafeSync 100GB keeps your files automatically backed up, secure and synchronized.

20 GB is just $40/year ($3.33/month)

50 GB is just $90/year ($7.50/month) [compare to DropBox @ $100/year]

100 GB is just $150/year ($12.50/month) [compare to DropBox @ $200/year]

Trend Micro SafeSync

In June 2010, humyo became part of security industry leader Trend Micro.

Humyo is no longer offered to new customers, however a Trend Micro branded version of the humyo service has been launched as Trend Micro SafeSync. New customers can sign up to Trend Micro SafeSync and enjoy the same features and benefits that Humyo users have grown to love.

Trend Micro SafeSync: Is it right for me?

Trend Micro SafeSync provides an all-in-one solution for your backup, computer synchronisation, file sharing and remote access needs.

Accidents, computer failure, theft, natural disasters – they don’t happen on schedule, so neither should your backup. With SafeSync your data is securely backed up in real-time – files are automatically copied to our bank vault within moments of you saving them so your data is always protected.

Sharing your digital files with your friends or family is easy with SafeSync. With no limit on file size and unlimited speeds, SafeSync allows you to share your media with whoever you want through email, IM or social networking sites.

SafeSync Your own personal online place

  • Photo Albums. Share your photos and slideshows in an instant with friends and family directly from your SafeSync account.
  • No File Size Limits. The hassle of sharing big files by email is a thing of the past. Share huge files reliabily with one click of the mouse.
  • Control. Easily invite and share your photo albums, files and folders with friends from Facebook, Linkedin, myspace, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! contacts …anyone basically.
  • Streaming. Your friends and family can watch your shared movies and media in HD quality, directly from your SafeSync, without the hassle of downloads and bulky e-mails.

Do you use multiple computers? Would you like to access your music, movies, photos or documents away from home? No problem, with SafeSync you can access your stuff on the go from any computer or mobile phone.

SafeSync Your own go anywhere storage space

  • Anywhere access. SafeSync lets you access your library of photos, music and movies from any browser or internet enabled phone – even if your computer is switched off.
  • Up-to-date files, anywhere. SafeSync seamlessly integrates into your desktop environment keeping your files synchronised and up-to-date across multiple computers.
  • Edit your files on the fly. SafeSync integrates Zoho office suite and Snipshot, letting you edit your Microsoft Word documents and touch up your photos directly from your SafeSync account.
  • Free up valuable disk space. No room on your computer for that extra file? No problem, opt to store selected files only online and access them through SafeSync as if they were still on your computer.
SafeSync Your real-time backup solution
  • Continuous automatic backup. Backs up your documents, photos, music and media in real-time to your secure online storage space for complete peace-of-mind.
  • Recover your files in an instant. No more waiting for files to be restored from tape, just sign in to restore your files in a click.
  • Easy to setup and configure. Simply select the files and folders you want to backup to your account and SafeSync will quietly do the rest.
  • Ultra secure encryption. Guards your files and folders during transfer and stored with the same 256 bit encryption technology used by your bank.

Backup:  SafeSync works quietly in the background backing up your photos, files and media to your online storage space.  Learn more

Access:  Have your photos, music and movies at your fingertips. Access your files anywhere from any computer or mobile phone.  Learn more

Share:  Share your experiences with friends and family. Easily invite your Facebook, Hotmail or Gmail contacts to view your shared albums.  Learn more

Sync:  Change files on one computer and automatically see the changes on another. You’ll have all your stuff no matter which computer you’re using.  Learn more

Above and beyond online storage

With award-winning drag and drop technology, SafeSync seamlessly integrates into your computer environment – your all-in-one storage solution.

Protect – your photos, music and media from theft and disaster.

Continuous backup:  The files and folders on your computer are automatically backed up to our vault as you work.

Encryption:  Data is transferred using the same 256-bit AES encryption used by your bank.

File version history:  Restore view and manage previous versions of your files.

Access – your stuff on the go from any computer or internet enabled phone.

Web access:  Access your files from any computer with an internet connection.

Streaming:  Watch your movies – even in HD! – and play your music anywhere using the website or SafeSync mobile website.

SafeSync:  Your online space appears as another drive on your computer – store files only online to free up disk space.

Sync:  Synchronise folders between your computers ensuring that your latest files are always where you are.

Mobile access:  View your photos, access your files and stream your media on your phone.

Share – Share files of any size reliably to anyone.

Photo Albums:  Share photo albums and slideshows with friends and family.

Update feeds:  Keep up-to-date with the latest additions and changes to your SafeSync account.

Embed:  Stream media and photo slideshows to your blog or profile pages.

Friends:  Publish your files and media directly to Facebook or share your photos with your Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Contacts.

Unlimited transfer Speeds:  SafeSync lets you transfer as fast as your internet connection will allow you to, we do not restrict your transfer speeds.

Access control:  Full control of who can view each files and folder including the ability to revoke access at any time.

What’s happened?

In June 2010, humyo became part of security industry leader, Trend Micro. The humyo products have been rebranded to Trend Micro SafeSync and Trend Micro SafeSync for Business. Humyo accounts are switched to Trend Micro SafeSync accounts.

What is the difference between Humyo and SafeSync?

SafeSync was built from the Humyo software and started life as a rebranded version of the Humyo products. Several improvements have been made to SafeSync since then:

  • SafeSync has apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • The SafeSync desktop software for Windows and Mac as been redesigned from scratch
  • Trend Micro’s SecureCloud encryption technology protects data stored on SafeSync
  • SafeSync stores the last 10 versions of a file to improve storage space usage
  • There is no Czech language version of SafeSync

Advanced users may find that some use cases have changed from Humyo to SafeSync. These changes have invariably been made to improve ease-of-use or reliability and will have a positive impact on the vast majority of users:

  • Folders on a PC can be synced to an online folder at the top level of your account. It is not possible to sync folders from your PC to a deeply nested folder online or to sync different parts of a folder on your PC to different folders online. This change is intended to avoid confusion about what folders sync where.
  • Version history is limited to the last 10 versions. Humyo accounts that included version history retained unlimited versions but most of our users found that this consumed too much of their storage space.
  • The integrations with third party applications Zoho (online office suite) and Snipshot (online image editor) have been removed. We could not assure the quality level of these third party applications and users frequently found support for more complex files lacking.
  • Unlike Humyo Workspace, SafeSync for Business always has virus scanning enabled. Company colours and logo cannot be added to SafeSync for Business accounts and only one user may be configured as the account administrator.

Pricing and payment differences are addressed in the questions below.

What happens to my Humyo account?

Your Humyo account will automatically be switched to a Trend Micro SafeSync account on or shortly after 16th November 2011. Your data and settings will be transferred automatically, you won’t need to take any action and there will be no interruption to services.

Humyo Free Users

Accounts that contained data switch to SafeSync 50GB accounts. These accounts will be free until 1st July 2012. Humyo Free accounts that did not have any files stored are disabled – affected users may start a free trial of SafeSync at

Humyo Premium Customers

Accounts are switched to SafeSync 100GB accounts. If you had purchased add on storage space you are switched to the smallest SafeSync account (250GB or 500GB) that equals or exceeds the storage capacity of your Humyo account.

Humyo Workspace Customers

Accounts are switched to SafeSync for Business accounts. The number of user accounts you purchased for Humyo Workspace is replicated on your SafeSync for Business account. If you had purchased add on storage space we’ll add on SafeSync for Business user accounts (each comes with 50GB) if necessary to equal the storage capacity of your Humyo account.

Why would you shutdown Humyo?

It’s not commercially viable for Trend Micro to properly maintain a separate Humyo product range. By switching to Trend Micro SafeSync Humyo users benefit from the investment Trend Micro is making in the SafeSync product range. SafeSync users already benefit from SecureCloud data encryption, mobile apps and completely new sync software for Windows and Mac. Throughout 2012 and beyond you can expect to see new features and product improvements being added to SafeSync free of additional charge.

How does pricing and billing change?

58% of Humyo customers will pay less. If you’re one of the unlucky ones for whom the price has gone up a little bit we’re sorry. We hope you’ll think the improvements in SafeSync are worth the extra and you never know – we might send you a special offer when your account approaches its expiry date 🙂

Humyo Free Users

The bad news is it’s not free anymore. On the plus side you get extra space (50GB in total), encryption and auto sync software for Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android! You’ll get all that free until 1st July 2012 and can check the current pricing thereafter at If you don’t want to pay you can get your friends to try SafeSync – we’ll give you a month free for each one that does.

Humyo Premium Customers

Your Humyo subscription expiry date is carried over to SafeSync and we’ve added on one month free. When your subscription expires, you’ll need to re-enter your billing information into the Trend Micro website to continue – we’ll email you a link at the time. The current pricing for SafeSync is available at If you’re not using your full 100GB allowance you can switch to SafeSync 20GB at renewal time and make a cost saving. When making your price comparison please note that the SafeSync price includes mobile apps and SecureCloud data encryption.

Humyo Workspace Customers

Your Humyo subscription expiry date is carried over to SafeSync and we’ve added on one month free. When your subscription expires, you’ll need to re-enter your billing information into the Trend Micro website to continue – we’ll email you a link at the time. The current pricing for SafeSync for Business is available at SafeSync for Business may be purchased on an annual basis only but for customers with 5 or more users, the price will normally be lower. When making your price comparison please note that SafeSync includes mobile apps and SecureCloud data encryption and business accounts include 50GB of space per user vs. 25GB per user with Humyo Workspace.

I had a Humyo Free account and don’t want to pay for SafeSync?

The humyo service is very expensive to run. Trend Micro did make the investment we needed to keep Humyo Free running for 18 months but unfortunately we’re unable to continue to provide a service completely free of charge.

As a valued user we’re giving you a SafeSync 50GB account free until 1st July 2012. After that you can purchase SafeSync (current pricing) or if you don’t want to pay, you can get an extra month free for each of your friends you get to try SafeSync!

There’s no other option to continue your service with us but if these options don’t suit you, you have until 1st July 2012 to download the data you have stored with us. Your SafeSync account includes both PC software and whole-folder online download features to help you do this quickly.

What if I don’t want to switch to SafeSync?

You can rest assured that SafeSync is even more reliable and secure than Humyo. If you really don’t want to switch you can close your Humyo account before 9th November 2011 and will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the service fees you’ve paid.

What do I need to do to switch to SafeSync?

You won’t need to lift a finger – the switch will happy automatically on or shortly after 16th November 2011. When the switch happens you’ll notice the logo on your file manager change from Humyo to SafeSync and the colours change from Humyo orange to SafeSync red.

Your data and settings will be transferred automatically and any links to files you have shared will continue to work. You can still go to to login but you’ll be automatically redirected to

You’ll be able to continue using the humyo desktop software you have installed with SafeSync but we recommend you upgrade to SafeSync 5.0 desktop software – your humyo desktop client will show a notification when the desktop software update is available.

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