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Laptop Backup Software for Enterprises - Druva inSyncLaptop Backup Software for Enterprises -- Druva inSyncDruva inSync is a simple and non-intrusive enterprise laptop backup solution to protect corporate data for office and remote users. It uses global data deduplication to save over 90% bandwidth and storage, and provides instant data access over PC, web, smartphone and tablets.

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Key product highlights include :

  • Saves 90% in Bandwidth & Storage: Data deduplication saves only a single copy of data duplicated across users, making backups 10X faster and saving up to 90% bandwidth and storage
  • WAN Optimized Backups: Unobtrusive backups over any network – LAN, WAN or VPN
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access: Instant data access over a Web browser, iPad/iPhone or Android
  • Integrated Security Features: Protect users with encryption, geo-location and remote data delete

Solutions and Options:

Backup for Mobile Workforce
Secure Remote Laptop Backup

Scalable Workstation Backup
Enterprise PC Backup Solution

Instant Data Access
Across PC, Web, iOS, Android

Encrypt + Locate + Remote-Wipe
New inSync SafePoint


  • Remote Laptop BackupDruva inSync is designed specifically for enterprise remote or mobile laptop users. Client-triggered backups with strong 256-bit network and storage encryptiondeliver unmatched performance and security while backing up over LAN/VPN or even unprotected WAN.
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  • Continuous Data ProtectionDruva inSync continuously tracks data modifications and stores changes independently of primary data, creating granular and point-in-time recovery points. All restore points are full restore points to speed-up recovery.
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  • Bare Metal RestoreDruva inSync can backup an entire PC, including operating system, applications, data and settings.In case of disaster the administrator can reconstruct the entire PC from scratch.
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  • 10x Faster, Centralized E-mail BackupDruva inSync incorporatesone-click email backup support for Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Email and Lotus Notes.It automatically locates and backs-up email files. App-Aware Data Deduplication coupled with WAN Optimization ensures a 1:10 compression for email backups.
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  • Powerful Centralized Administration and ReportingDruva inSync dramatically simplifies management. It comes with an interactive dashboard and features advanced Active Directory integration withMulti-Adminfacility. Facilitated by key analytics, comprehensive reporting features and ease of configuration,the administrator can make better decisions.
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Simple, Non-Intrusive Backups

Configure Once – Zero Maintenance

inSync Client

Druva inSync is designed with a focus on simplicity and ease-of-use. Easy to deploy and configure with our eight step set-up guide, installation takes less than 20 minutes. Clients are remotely deployed and silently installed on end-user devices.

Backups with inSync are small and non-intrusive, without impacting end-user productivity. Users restore their own files with the self-restore utility, freeing administrators for more important tasks.
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Smarter, App-Aware Dedupe

Save over 90% Bandwidth and Storage

Disk Space Savings

Druva inSync’s global, source-based deduplication technology is application-aware and saves only a single copy of emails and attachments duplicated across users. By understanding the disk-structure of commonly used file-formats, inSync performs deduplication at the object level, ensuring 100% duplicate reduction for Microsoft Outlook, Office documents and PDFs.

The end result is faster backups that require less bandwidth, and significant savings in storage required, which reduces total cost of ownership.
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WAN Optimization

10x Faster Backups

Manager User Profiles

inSync’s WAN optimization engine queries the available network for noise and latency and chooses the optimal packet size for data transfer. The administrator controls the amount of bandwidth used by specifying the fraction of available bandwidth to be consumed by backups. To maximize use of the available bandwidth, the WAN optimization engine spawns up to 8 threads on the same network socket. It also ensures that the backup is automatically resumed when interrupted over a weak network.
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Anytime, Anywhere Access

Access from iPad, iPhone & Web

iPad File Restore

Druva inSync features a single non-intrusive backup method, and six innovative ways to restore, including support for mobile devices. Users restore in a single-click on their own device, or access their data remotely using a browser-based restore or mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. Admin assisted restores are also available, as is Bare Metal Restore, in the event of a system crash.

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High Scalability

HyperCache boosts storage performance


inSync Enterprise Edition supports up to 2000+ PCs on a single backup server. New HyperCache technology and support for SSD enables the Enterprise server to support up to 16TB of deduped storage as well as 200 parallel backup connections.

Backup performance is guaranteed – remotely, in the office or on the road. The WAN optimization engine analyzes available networks and optimizes the data transfer for latency and packet size, ensuring fast backups over any connection. If a backup happens to lose its connection, it can be auto-resumed from the point it left off.

A web based admin console, automated client deployment and upgrade helps the
admin to manage a large workforce.
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Simplified Security

Secure backups for enterprise laptops

Network Settings

The entire network communication between the client and the server is encrypted using 256 bit SSL encryption. Backup storage at the inSync server is encrypted using advanced 256 bit AES encryption.

Client triggered backups ensure that the backup server only accepts backup and restore requests and is never required to send an outbound request. This simplifies network security and the server can easily be placed in DMZ.
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