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KeepIt is another lesser-known company (UK-based) that offers unlimited data.  We’ll have a full review up soon.  In the meantime, here is some general information from the Company’s website:

Pricing:  Keepit Unlimited costs £4.95/month. You can choose to pay for 12 months or 24 months – choosing 24 months gets you 2 months for free. Remember you are always covered by our 30 days money back guarantee – no questions asked.

Unlimited backup – no exceptions

Unlike many of our competitors we do not put any limit on what kind of files you can include in your backup. We do not limit file size and we do not throttle upload speed to our servers. We actually mean it when we say unlimited backup – no exceptions, no files you’re not allowed to include and no fine print.

Keepit offers simple, secure and automatic online backup

Keepit allows both small and large companies to easily manage backups on their laptops, workstations and servers. Combining central deployment and configuration with an easy to use control panel, Keepit helps you secure your invaluable company data better and much easier than before while providing you with a perfect overview of your companys backup health.

Many companies create IT policies aimed at preventing data loss, but the IT policies are rarely respected by the employees, and do not adequately protect your company data. With our advanced yet easy to use control panel any IT manager has the perfect tool to ensure that all computers are backed up.

You don’t need many obstacles to getting your backups done, before you simply don’t get them done. We aim to eliminate those obstacles. Everything about Keepit is designed with the goal of keeping it as simple as possible. Why try to sell you a Swiss Army Knife, when your specific need is a reliable knife?


  • Manage multiple users easily
  • Automatic backup every day
  • 60 day backup versioning
  • 256-bit Rijndael-encryption guarantees your privacy
  • Data replicated between physically separate locations
  • Secure and simple restore process

Safe, Secure Backup

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