VIP LiveDrive

VIP LiveDrive unlimited online backup

VIP LiveDrive offers easy, automated and unlimited online backup.  We’ll have a full review shortly, but in the meantime here are some more details:

Pricing: $198 for 5 years ($3.30/month) of unlimited backup.  This is a fantastic deal for unlimited data as it’s less than $40/year beating Carbonite, BackBlaze, etc…

VIP LiveDrive is creating technology that will revolutionise the way people store and access their files, photos, music, videos and other digital content.VIP LiveDrive is your personal storage space on the Internet, it’s UNLIMITED, SECURE andit’s available anytime, anywhere.

    • Store your data, music, pictures on VIP LiveDrive and access it anywhere
    • Works on your PC just like a normal hard drive or USB drive
    • See all your files by the click of a button
    • Access everything from the web
    • Share anything with just one click
    • No need to do manual backups! Everything is AUTOMATICALLY securely stored for you


70% of all tape storage FAIL on restore
60% of all Corporate data resides on PC’s and Laptops
32% of data loss is due to user error
20% of laptops are STOLEN annually
10% of PC’s and Laptops suffer from hardware FAILURE

 It only needs to happen once so don’t delay before it’s to late and you have LOST all your Valuable Data.

From under $4 per month you can rest easy knowing your data is securely backed up!

Quick & Easy! Signup, Download, Install, BACKUP!

 Constantly backs up files as you work. No awkward schedules or manual tasks.  It’s just the simplest and easiest way to backup your files.

 No limit on storage space or bandwidth. Backup as much as you want, so you can rest assure that all your data is safe at all times. Set it up and forget about it!

 Your data resides in state of the art Cloud storage centers using Military Grade Encryption.

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