Amazon Cloud Drive

Amazon Cloud Drive is a relative newcomer in the realm of online storage.  For only $20/year you get 20 GB of storage plus, for a limited time, UNLIMITED storage space for music.  You can then easily access your music with an iPhone or Android app.

If you’re not interested in storing large amounts of music, or don’t need 20 GB of space, Amazon Cloud Drive offers a free plan which includes 5 GB of free online storage.  You can then access your files from any computer.

Please note that Amazon Cloud Drive is similar to, in that it doesn’t offer automated backup.  It is simply an online repository for your files.  You have to manually upload any files you wanted backed up (unlike Mozy, Carbonite, Backblaze, etc… which do it automatically).  That being said, it’s a great price and you simply can’t go wrong with Amazon.

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