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Pricing: $59/year for unlimited storage

Carbonite Unlimited Online BackupCarbonite is another fantastic set-it and forget-it style of secure online backup.  While they don’t offer any free space like Mozy, they do offer a free trial.  We are fairly certain that once you try it, you will quickly go for the annual plan @ $59/year (one of the best rates available anywhere, especially considering that Carbonite offers unlimited data).

[UPDATE: Carbonite now offers two additional plans: $99 HomePlus which is the same unlimited plan as the $59 plan, but it adds External Hard Drive backup and Mirror Image Backup, and a $149 Home Premier plan which is the same as the $99 plan plus Courier Recovery Service.]

Carbonite offers block-level incremental backup to speed up the backup process. You can access your files through a web-based interface when you are away from home, and you can use the Carbonite application to restore all or some of your files at any time.

Positives: Pricing, East of Use

Negatives: The one and only thing we don’t like about Carbonite is that you have to manually back up videos, executable files, and files larger than 4GB.  While most people don’t have too many files of that size, it makes it a bit of pain to backup movies (though once you do it once you don’t have to do it again unless you add more movies) and large email files (Thunderbird Profiles for example).

Our take:  Carbonite is Mozy’s main competitor and easily beats it on price now that Mozy no longer offers unlimited backup.  If you can live with having to manually backup files over 4GB, then Carbonite is a no-brainer for secure online backup storage.

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