Works on: Windows/Mac/Linux

Pricing:  Basic [no online storage] is Free, Unlimited is just $3.00 per month (for $6/month you can backup up to 10 computers)

CrashPlan unlimited online backupCrashPlan takes an interesting approach with their backup software. You can download the software for free and use it to perform local backups on your computer and home network as well as back up data to a friend’s computer if they are also running CrashPlan (so it’s sort of off-site if a friend’s running it). They don’t offer any free introductory plans for online storage like most other online backup providers, but their rate for an unlimited personal account is on par with other providers. The software is very user friendly, and even if you’re not sure if you want to commit to paying for an online backup service, it’s worth a download just to automate your local backups. If your data goes kaput, you can restore it using the software or you can order a hard copy of your data.

crashplan backup software

Our take: CrashPlan is great for simple, online backup.  There is no syncing or remote access, but if all you need is backup, it’s a great option.

Flexible data protection

CrashPlan+ gives you all the protection of CrashPlan, plus the added benefit of secure cloud storage to CrashPlan Central for your personal files and features like continuous, minute-by-minute backup.

Multiple backup sets let you back up different groups of files to different destinations with different settings, so you can back up personal files to the cloud and non-personal files everywhere else. In addition, CrashPlan+ features expanded controls for managing your backups and your files are secured with even stronger 448-bit encryption.

CrashPlan Central is the cloud backup destination for CrashPlan+, providing online storage for your personal files in our secure data centers located around the world. It is instantly available as a backup destination after you install, and is available 24/7 for backing up and restoring files. Make cloud backup for your personal files an integral part of your multiple destination backup strategy with CrashPlan+.

Backup Sets

With multiple backup sets, you can specify which files go to which locations and with what settings. Mix and match destinations with different backup settings to accommodate even the most complex backup scenarios.

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Continuous Backup

CrashPlan is constantly watching for changes to your files and flags changes for backup. Flagged changes can be set to back up as frequently as once a minute, continuously protecting your files without slowing you down.

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Secure Online Storage

CrashPlan+ lets you back up personal files to CrashPlan Central for the ultimate in data protection. Rest easy knowing your important personal files are safely secured in our data centers.

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Business Backup - CrashPlan PRO - Product Comparison

Home Business Enterprise
# of computers up to 10 up to 200 100 – 100,000+
Licensed for Personal data Business use Business use
Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris Check Check Check
Online mgmt. (End User) Check Check Check
Online mgmt. (Administrator) X Check Check
Manage other users X Check Check
Individual login accounts X Check Check
Group users X X Check
Custom installers X X Check
Create master / secondary server X X Check
LDAP / Active Directory support X X Check
Backup Features
Automatic & unattended Check Check Check
Continuous, minute-by-minute Check Check Check
Back up to external HDD Check Check Check
Back up to other computers Check X Check
Online storage Check Check Check
Incremental & differential Check Check Check
Multiple backup sets Check Check X
Select individual files Check Check Check
Backup scheduling Check Check Check
No bandwidth caps Check Check Check
No file size limits Check Check Check
Restore Features
Guaranteed restore Check Check Check
File versions retained Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Keep deleted files Forever (default) Forever (default) Forever (default)
Restore from the Web Check Check Check
Restore from mobile device Check Check Check
Guest restore Check X Check
Self-service restore Check Check Check
Restore individual files Check Check Check
Receive files on external HDD Check X Check
Security Details
File Encryption (Blowfish) 448-bit 448-bit 448-bit
Encrypted before transmitting Check Check Check
Transmission encryption 128-bit Blowfish 128-bit AES 128-bit Blowfish
Archive tampering detection Check Check Check
Account password Check Check Check
Private password for restore Check Check Check
User-generated private key Check Check Check
Geo-redundant storage X X Check
International data centers Check Check Check
Support / Services
Free upgrades for 1 year Check Check Check
Priority support Check Check Check
PRO Services add-ons
Training X X Check
Consulting X X Check
Needs analysis X X Check
Installation X X Check
LDAP / Active Directory integration X X Check
Push / Silent installation X X Check

Business Backup - CrashPlan PRO - Product Comparison

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