mozy is now owned by Carbonite.  

Works with: Windows/Mac

Apps: iOS/Android

Pricing: Basic [2GB] is Free, 50GB for $5.99 or 125GB for $9.99 (1 year plan = 1 month free, 2 year plan = 3 months free)

Mozy used to be the clear #1 for automated backup of your data.  It’s quick to setup, easy to use, and can easily backup ALL of your files.  However, they recently dropped their unlimited plan, and it now costs $5.99/month for 50GB.  This is plenty for most people, but if you have a lot of pictures or music you can easily go over the 50GB limit.

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Mozy is an automated backup solution. Once you install the Mozy client on your computer, it will back up any files you specify at the frequency you specify. Mozy can back up files while they are open—so that huge presentation you’ve been working on for the last few hours will be backed up even if you’re still working with it. Mozy also backs up based on file changes, only uploading the portion of a file that has changed and not the entire file all over again (meaning quicker incremental backups after the initial backup). Mozy stores previous versions of your files for easy restoration, and in addition to restoring all your files by downloading them, you can also order a backup on physical media for a fee.

Both MozyHome 50 GB and 125 GB plans give you automatic or scheduled backups, tech support via live chat and tickets, file encryption, open and locked file support, bandwidth throttling, in-client and web-based restores, and web access to your files.


  • Very easy to use (set-it and forget-it)
  • Doesn’t hog resources
  • Can also perform automated local backups
  • You can backup external drives to the cloud as well (this is a great feature that we love)
  • Great Apps available for remote access to your files


  • No longer has an unlimited option

Our take:  while not as great as it used to be due to the lack of an unlimited option, Mozy is still one of our favorite choices, and in fact is what we use as a main cloud storage option (we are still grandfathered into the unlimited plan and will rethink things once that ends).  We are currently backing up nearly 200 GB of data and have no issues with performance, speeds, etc…  If you don’t need unlimited backup then Mozy is definitely the choice for you.

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