SOS Online Backup

Works with:  Windows, Mac

Apps: iOS & Android (can also back up your Facebook information)

Pricing:  New members can receive 20% off which puts the pricing as follows:

SOS Online Backup

This works out to be incredibly cheap.  We wish they had an unlimited plan, but between the 20% savings and the discounts for 2 and 3-year plans, you can get the pricing to be half of most competitors (on a per/GB/month basis).

Our rating (out of 5):   (based on discounted 3 year plan for 100 GB of data, the multitude of apps available & the speed of backing up)

SOS Online BackupAward Winning SOS Online Backup: Receive 20% off the Personal-Home Package OR save 50% on Business Plans.


SOS significantly outperformed Carbonite and Mozy in online backup upload speeds:

SoS Online Backup Speed Chart

SOS Online Backup has received the PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award for online backup 3 consecutive years, is the Wall Street Journal’s preferred online backup solution, was recommended by the New York Times, etc…  Now it’s our turn to put it through the works and let you know how good, or bad, it really is.

So far so good.  SOS online backup has a simple, easy to use interface that works in the background without hogging precious computer resources.  Once you select what types of files to backup, SOS does all the work in the background.  It continuously backs up your data which is then security stored in the cloud.  You can then safely access your data from any computer or with their iPhone/iPad app.

We love the fact that they allow you to backup up to 5 PCs in 1 account.  That way you can backup your desktop, your laptop, your work computer, etc…

Another somewhat unique features is that SOS Online can also backup files to an external drive.   Not many services offer that feature.

SOS Online Backup’s three-tiered security system provides complete data security and privacy protection. The level of encryption used by SOS Online Backup is frequently used by the US military and involves. SOS provides an additional encryption option called UltraSafe™. Ultrasafe encrypts your data with a password that only can ever access.

Data secured by SOS Online Backup is goes through the following three-tiered encryption process:

  • Locally encrypted at 256AES
  • In transit at 128bit SSL
  • At the data center at 1024bit AES
  • At the point of log in with UltraSafe™

Our take:  A great, inexpensive option for those that want simple, set-it and forget-it style secure online backup, but don’t need too many extra frills (syncing, file sharing, Android app, ability to backup from external drives, etc…).  It’s very easy to use, you hardly notice it’s there, and simply put, it just works.

Backup Up to 5 PC's!


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