Updated coupon codes

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In the meantime, here are the latest coupon codes and discounts for the top online storage companies:

Mozy:  Save 10%!!! off of MozyHome and get up to 3 months free by using the promo codeSAVEME10

MozySave 15%!!! off of MozyHome by using the promo code NEXT

MozySave 20%!!! off of MozyHome by using the promo code BESTOFMONTH

SugarSync:  Try FREE for 30 days, in addition, once your free trial runs out you will probably receive an email offering a 50% discount on certain plans.

SpiderOak:  5 GB for free instead of 2 GB using coupon code:  worldbackupday.  If you prefer a paid plan, using code SPRING to save 25% on annual plans.

SOS Online BackupReceive 20% off the Personal-Home Package OR save 50% on Business Plans. Expires Sept. 30.

Wuala:  2 GB for free instead of 1 GB using code:  MC7J3CAJJ7A63KJ4CAGN

Livedrive:  Free 30 day trial

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