Wuala works with Windows/Mac/Linux, and has apps for Android and iPhone/iPad


  • 1 GB is free
  • 10 GB – 29 USD/year ($2.41/month)
  • 25 GB – 49 USD/year ($4.08/month)
  • 50 GB – 79 USD/year ($6.58/month)
  • 100 GB – 129 USD/year ($10.75/month)
  • 250 GB – 289 USD/year ($24.08/month)
From Swiss storage manufacturer LaCie, Wuala, like SpiderOak, offers locally encrypted data backup and syncing. Although the 1GB of free storage space is on the low end to start with, Wuala has a unique way to earn additional storage: you can buy more space or exchange unused storage on your computer (e.g., empty space on an external drive) for more storage on Wuala.

Wuala also has one of the best security/privacy policies of any online data storage company:  “All files are directly encrypted on your desktop. Your password never leaves your computer. Not even we as the provider can access your files or your password. Wuala employs proven encryption technology (AES, RSA and SHA) to secure your data.”

Securely store and back up your files online and access them from anywhere. All files are encrypted.  Sync your files online and across multiple computers. Your files are always up to date – anywhere, anytime.  Share files with selected friends and co-workers. You choose who has access to which folder.

Our take:  With great security features and competitive pricing, Wuala is a great option.  However, for a few dollars less/year ($100/year for 100 GB) you might want to try SpiderOak, another one of our favorite backup/sync companies.

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