Mozy News & Announcements

Mobile app upgrades

The Mozy mobile apps have already gone through multiple upgrades since their launch, including support for all geographies, full-screen support for iPad, and MozyPro support. And most recently, the iOS app now supports data decryption for customers using personal key encryption, with Android to follow within weeks!


Have you signed up for the Stash beta yet? If not, do so soon! It’s yet another way to go beyond backup! Files dropped into your Stash are automatically populated on any other machine where Stash is installed. You also have a safe and accessible copy online in your Stash folder.  Essentially, Mozy is starting to offering sync capabilities similar to DropBox and SugarSync.

Keep your Mozy software up to date

Get the latest and greatest Mozy features, such as Mozy 2xProtect, by keeping your software up to date. To help you do so, Mozy established a Software Updgrade and Retirement Policy. You can always download the latest software from, or to automatically get the latest software, enable automatic updates.  We recommend the automatic updates so you always have the latest software available.  We’ve found them to be very unobtrusive, they don’t slow down our computer at all, and they really do keep us up to date at all times.

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