SugarSync Mobile Updates: iPhone/iPad and Android


The latest iPhone/iPad release allows you to do even more on the go. With the latest update, SugarSync has added a new menu bar that allows you to create, upload, and sort more easily.

In addition, they added a text editor right into the app. Having a text editor inside the app allows you to create text files and edit files while never leaving the app, and saving the files will automatically sync back to your computer.


Their Android app has also been updated. This update enables you to view, upload, and even share data on your Android device — right from! With a web browser you can:

* Sync all your folders onto your Android tablet.
* Easily sync music that you’ve got in the Cloud to your Android device with just the click of a button.
* Upload files directly to your Android device from

SugarSync For Consultants!

SugarSync is the perfect tool for consultants. Consultants require anywhere access, ease of sharing files and folders, and secure backup. With SugarSync, consultants can:

– Share a folder with each of their clients for instant access to files. When you share a folder using SugarSync, your clients can sync the folder directly to their own computers. Once the folder is shared, SugarSync takes care of syncing files between your computer and your clients’ computers whenever a file is updated.

Try SugarSync for Business Free!

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