IDrive Review

IDrive Remote Backup

Works with:  Windows & Mac

Apps for: Android & iOS

Pricing:  5GB FREE or:

  • IDrive Pro for Personal Use
    Storage Space Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
    Unlimited (bandwith lowered after 150 GB) $4.95 $49.50

    IDrive Pro – Family Pack
    (Backup upto 5 PCs / Macs)

    Storage Space Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
    500 GB $14.95 $149.50

    IDrive Pro for Business
    (Backup unlimited PCs / Macs)

    Storage Space Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
    50 GB $9.95 $99.50
    100 GB $19.95 $199.50
    500 GB $49.95 $499.50
    1000 GB $79.95 $799.50

IDrive Features:

Automatic Selection: When you install IDrive for the first time, a default selection of most commonly backed up data including Documents, Pictures and Videos is created with a random after hours schedule. You can customize the selection and schedule.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP): IDrive automatically recognizes the modified parts of file(s)/folder(s) and backs them up in real-time, thus offering hands-free backup of data.

True Archiving / CleanUp: No data is deleted from your IDrive online account until you manually delete or run CleanUp to match your desktop data to your account. You control your backup data.

Open/Locked File Backup: Performs reliable backups of open/locked files like Outlook files (.pst), QuickBooks, MS-Excel and so on.

Mapped Drive Backup: Supports backup of mapped and external hard drives – even if your system is logged off.

Versioning: IDrive retains and allows you to restore the last 30 versions of all files backed up to your account, to any location on your local computer. Better yet, your storage is computed only for the most current version; historical versions are stored free.

Retrieve data from any location: Login via any browser to your account to access backed up data, view log reports and restore data on the local system.

Enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on transfers, 256-bit AES encryption on storage with a user defined key that is not stored anywhere on IDrive servers

Easy options to control bandwidth usage; Auto-Pause makes intelligent guesses on pausing and resuming backup to enable optimum desktop appearances during user activity

For full details view the IDrive datasheet (.pdf format).

Separately IDrive offers IDrive Sync:

As with the regular IDrive you get 5 GB of sync storage for free, or unlimited data for just $4.95/month or $49.50/year. Currently available for both Windows & Mac. IDriveSync syncs files online across multiple PCs and Macs. On installing and logging into the application, it opens up a ‘Sync’ area where you can add the files you wish to sync.

Once you have new data into your Sync area, your Sync data starts getting transferred online, or ‘Syncs-Up’. This essentially serves as an online backup of your data.

Now, if you simply install and login on multiple PCs / Macs using same authentication, the synced data is ‘Synced-Down’ onto those multiple computers.

Anytime you make a change to synced data anywhere on those multiple computers, all the computers will shortly reflect the modified data.

You can Sync up to 5 computers.

IDrive Remote Backup

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