Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One 5GB of free online backupUbuntu One is a relative newcomer to online storage and sync.  However, the company itself is by no means new, and those of you who use/know of Linux, know plenty about Ubuntu.

Works with: Ubuntu (Linux), Windows, Android & iOS

Pricing:  5 GB free or $30/year for 20 GB

Our rating (out of 5):   (based on 5 GB free, cheap 20 GB plan, sync and backup, ease of use)

Ubuntu One puts you in control of which folders you want to keep on your desktop and in your personal cloud. You select which folders you want to sync to your desktop or mobile so you can make the best use of space on all your devices. You can also access everything from the web at any time.

Ubunto One is easy to install and setup:

  • Step 1: Download and save the install file
  • Step 2: Launch the installer
  • Step 3: Sign in or create an account
  • Step 4: Choose which folders you want to sync
  • Step 5: Sit back and relax, your selected data is now safely synced and backed up

How it works: Control Panel

The Ubuntu One Control Panel helps you manage your account, cloud folders, devices, and Ubuntu One services on your computer.

You can open the Ubuntu One Control Panel in Ubuntu 11.04 from either the Launcher on the left or from the messaging menu in the upper right corner (the envelope icon).


Ubuntu One Account


Cloud Folders:

Ubuntu One Cloud Folders


Ubuntu One Devices


Ubuntu One Services

Ubuntu One is the personal cloud that brings your digital life together, so you can enjoy your content, your way, wherever you are. With their suite of cloud services including storage, sync, sharing and streaming – you have immediate access to your music collection, favorite photos, videos, important documents and more, at any time and from any device.

Ubuntu One is easy to install and easy to use – everyone gets sync capability and 5 GB of storage for free.  Or for just $40/year you can add 20GB of Music Streaming and Storage to suit your own needs.  For $30/year you can get 20GB of storage, but no music streaming.

Ubuntu One was initially launched in May 2009 to provide sustainable revenue for Ubuntu, the world’s most popular free operating system, which is commercially backed by Canonical.

Canonical – driven by founder Mark Shuttleworth’s original vision to create software platforms that compete with the best but are free to use, share and develop – has come a long way since its launch in 2004. With over 400 staff in more than 30 countries, and offices in London, Boston, Taipei, Montreal and the Isle of Man, Canonical works with the open-source community to make each new edition of Ubuntu faster, easier and more intuitive than ever.

The Ubuntu One team is spread across three continents and works hard to continuously improve live services as well as regularly release new features. We thrive on delighting our users with services that solve real problems and enable you to enjoy all your digital content easily, wherever you are.

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