Wuala ‘Hirslanden’ Update

Following our strategy of being the most secure and comprehensive online storage, we wanted to increase security and therefore we are in process of switching from AES-128 encryption to AES-256 encryption.

But there are even more improvements for the new release. We are introducing an improved storage system (currently disabled by default) that will allow:

  • Incremental file updates (meaning that small changes in a large file do not result in uploading the whole file again)
  • Increased file size limit up to 100 GB
  • Multiple concurrent downloads
  • More stability
  • Better performance (less CPU and disk usage during up- and downloads)

Release Notes for Hirslanden:

  • 2 GB free storage for everyone
  • Use AES-256 to encrypt metadata and new storage system
  • New file storage system that brings new features like incremental uploads, multiple parallel downloads, faster random access and others. It is not yet enabled by default, but you can do as described in http://bugs.wuala.com/view.php?id=1839
  • Removed trading
  • Revised Terms of Use (http://wuala.com/about/terms)

More information on Wuala:

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