Works with:  

Apps for: Android, iOS & Blackberry

Pricing:  3 GB FREE or:

  • $49/year for 200 GB
  • $69/year for 300 GB
  • Save up to 60% by signing up for a multi-year deal:  25% off for a 2 year deal, 50% for 3 years, 55% for 4 years and 60% for 5 years.  This puts the monthly cost of a 3-year, 300 GB plan at just $4.30/month!!!
  • For a limited time you can receive a 30% discount if you are switching from another online backup company!

Our rating (out of 5):   (based on 3 GB free, great multi-year discount pricing, multitude of platforms, can backup multiple computers)

Memopal is online backup and online storage software that archives your files in real-time to a remote server. It doesn’t matter how many times you change computers: You will always know where your data is. You can browse all your files from any internet location or internet-ready cell phone. You can share with friends and co-workers files that are too big to send through email.

Description (from Company website) + our take:

  • Automatic — Few clicks install and you don’t have to remember to back up your computer anymore [Agreed. It is very simple to install and setup Memopal]
  • More friends = More space — Get more free space when you invite your friends! [Nothing beats free space for referring friends]
  • Send Files Larger than 1 GB — Share with co-workers and friends files that you can’t send though email [This is always a plus as files over 10 MB, never mind 1 GB, usually can’t be sent via email]
  • Secure — Data transfer using 128 bit encryption [Security is paramount when it comes to online backup of your data. It’s good to see that Memopal is taking it seriously.]
  • All computers — Protect all your computers with the same license [This is a huge plus as you don’t have to purchase license for all of your computers. With most households having 2, 3 or more computers and laptops this is a great deal.]
  • Access Anywhere — With your password you have access from any internet location [Another nice feature that most companies offer these days.]

Discover all the advantages Memopal has to offer:

  • You can install Memopal on all your PCs at no additional cost.
  • Memopal is simple: you decide what to save and backup is completely automatic and in real time.
  • Access your files from any computer, smartphone or application for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.
  • Send files larger than 1 Gigabyte.
  • With the internal search engine you can find the files you need in just a few seconds.
  • Your data is sent over the network with 128 bit encryption and stored with maximum respect for your privacy.
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