Norton Online Backup

Norton Online Backup is a lesser-known product from a very well-know company.  It works on both PCs & Macs and you can backup up to 5 computers on one account.

25 GB of Simple, Automatic Backup with Anytime, Anywhere Access:  1 year for up to 5 PCs is just $ 49.99


NOBU - Direct to Cart - 150x40

  • Delivers easy-to-use, automatic backup protection for your files – 
  • Works with both Windows and Mac computers –
  • Lets you access and restore your files to any Internet-connected computer – 
  • Makes transferring files between computers simple – 
  • Sets up quickly and runs automatically – 
  • Lets you search backup sets for specific files by keyword – 
  • Allows you to conveniently manage backup sets for multiple computers through a secured web portal – 
  • Grows with your backup needs – 
  • Stores files on separate storage arrays at the data center for added file safety – 
  • Simplifies file sharing – 
  • Saves older versions of your backed up files –
  • Lets you easily manage backup sets – 
  • Backs up files fast and uses less storage space– 
  • Guards your data with government-grade encryption – 
  • Saves you money and offers greater convenience – 
  • Offers proven, professionally managed offsite file security – 


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