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Backup Online with SafeCopy Backup.

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iPhone app now available.

We have not yet reviewed SafeCopy but plan to do so shortly.  They look very promising and we think we’ll (and you’ll) be pleased.  In the meantime, here’s some background information from the Company’s website:

ONE ACCOUNT For all your computers

Start with a FREE lifetime account, buy more space when you need it.

3GB Free backup for life! 


safecopy pricing


or save up to 20% with annual plans:

save up to 20% at safecopy

Save money and hassle using one account.

If you have more than one computer, no need for the cost and hassle of buying multiple accounts. With SafeCopy, it’s your online storage so use it as you like.

Always secure and more reliable than an external drive.

Your files are secured in a redundant SAS70 certified datacenter and stored using 448-military grade encryption. External hard drives are not ideal for backups because they usually sit right next to your computer. So if your computer is stolen, damaged by fire, flood or virus attack, both the computer and the hard drive are gone.

Never far away from your files.

Travel with confidence knowing you can always access and share your files from any computer, smartphone or iPhone. All you need if your email, password and an internet connection.

Won’t slow down your computer.

Consumes minimal CPU and memory by moving heavy processes to the SafeCopy servers. This allows SafeCopy to provide a realtime backup without you noticing it’s even running.

Compare SafeCopy to Dropbox.

Check out the differences between SafeCopy and Dropbox and how they can work well together.


One account for your whole family of computers.


Securely access your files from any browser.


Share folders and files with co-workers and friends.

Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPad, Android, Smartphones

  • »Fast Realtime Backup with TurboUpload
  • »Backup External & Network Drives
  • »Unlimited File Versions
  • »Restore from Anywhere
  • »Share files with friends
  • »11 Language Interface

Backup All Your Critical Data.  Safe for just $50 Bucks!

Why SafeCopy

Safe Backup-One account for all your computers.Secure Access-Search, browse, restore, from any web browser.Easy Sharing-Share large files with friends or co-workers.

 Use ONE account to backup ALL your computers.

Save money and hassle by using a single account to backup your Mac and Windows computers.  With SafeCopy you get a generous amount of storage to use as you like; so even the old laptop or kids computer can be covered at no additional cost.  With SafeCopy there are no limits on what devices you can backup, so feel free to backup USB hard drives, flash drives and network drives. Read why we think our unlimited computers model is usually better than unlimited storage.  Your backup is secured in a redundant datacenter and stored using 448-military grade encryption.

Access your files from anywhere.

Travel light and with confidence knowing you have access to your files through the SafeCopy web console.   Search, browse or restore your data from any web browser with no software install required.  You can search across all the computers or browse through a listing of the folders and files as they are stored on your computer.  You can also use our Mobile Phone or iPhone access.

Share large files and folders with a few clicks.

No longer clog up your email with large files.  You can invite your friends and co-workers to access a file or folder saved in your online backup.  You can enable options to allow them to upload new files or set an expiration date on the private share link.  You can manage all the share links under My Account tab of the SafeCopy web console.  Works well with other sharing and syncing tools such as Dropbox.

Proven technology with happy customers worldwide.

SafeCopy Backup is offered in 11 languages with operations and customers worldwide.  As a private and profitable company we are here to serve our customers and have demonstrated remarkable progress with steady ongoing improvements.  Our technology platform was designed specifically for the online backup to include things like Unlimited File VersionsArchive Forever and TurboUpload.

Safe and Secure.

SafeCopy Backup cloud infrastructure offers the highest standards of security, availability and power offered in the market today. All customer data is encrypted with SSL 128-bit during transfer and stored using military grade 448-bit encryption.  Our environment is certified as PCI DSS compliant and meets SAS 70 Type II requirements essential for companies subject to Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and GLBA.

SafeCopy Backup is a division of CirrusApps LLC and is privately funded from technology veterans who are involved in the ongoing strategy and operations of the company. Our team has collectively worked to build and support mission critical email security solutions for over 4,000 organizations and 250,000 end users. In addition much of our prior experience has been in the IT services industry with a focus on serving customers via a managed services model. Our team has grown to span multiple countries and languages while remaining flexible and adaptive to our customer needs.

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