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Free Unlimited Online Backup and StorageDigital Lifeboat is a Cloud Online Backup Service via Internet to Protect and Restore when your PC fails and is free during their beta phase.

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During theirBeta phase, Digital Lifeboat is free to backup and free to restore. Any customer account created during the Beta phase with service installed and active will be FREE FOR LIFE.

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Digital Lifeboat’s Cloud-based technology uses 256-bit AES encryption and industry-leading erasure coding techniques to insure complete privacy and security of your data.

Until we have a full review available, here is some more background information from the Company’s website:

We are here to help you protect the most important data on your computer:

  • Documents or pictures you’ve created or which someone has sent you.
  • The music and videos you enjoy.

If they get lost or damaged, there’s no replacing them. As more of your life’s memories are stored on your computer, it is critically more important to create a secure copy or “backup” of those files, photos, videos and music. This is when Digital Lifeboat comes to the rescue!

Digital Lifeboat protects your PC files from:

  • Accidental deletion
  • Hard drive failure
  • Natural disasters like fire or flood
  • Loss or theft of your PC

Once you sign up for Digital Lifeboat we continuously and automatically backup and protect everything important on your computer. Signing up is simple and our service is easy to use. You can manage everything from our friendly website or our useful Tray Application.

How is Digital Lifeboat different than other options?

  • Automatic configuration, so you’re up and running in 90 seconds.
  • We use AES-256 encryption to protect your data, and we break every file into multiple fragments which we send into the Digital Lifeboat Cloud. This adds an element of security traditional Data Centers do not have.
  • Our service is Free for Life for every customer who signs up during our Beta Development Phase. If you install and remain an active user, the service is always free. If you add another PC to the service, or restore your data to a new PC after the first one crashes, the service is always free!
  • Finally, we are constantly adding features to improve our service based upon your feedback. You are part of building our business and brand, and we thank you!

Digital Lifeboat - Free Unlimited Backup for What Matters Most!

About Us

Who are we and what is our vision?

Digital Lifeboat has been created for all personal computer users who store photos, music, videos and documents on their PCs, and would be sad if they lost them.  We have a simple to use software service to backup and protect what matters most to you.

Digital Lifeboat was founded by Steve Teglovic (“Teg”) and Steve Hull (“Huli”) in 2007.  The two of them have spent the last few years creating a very advanced, cloud-based online and recovery service.  In 2010, Jeff Bell joined to prepare for market launch as Chief Marketing Officer.  As husbands and fathers, Teg, Huli and Jeff are the target customer.  They are building a business and a promise to serve their customers, and to be there when most needed.

Executive Team

Steve Teglovic (“Teg”):

Founder and CEO. Teg began programming computers before Windows 3.0. He has been part of several successful start-ups, including ConnectSoft, Velleb, and most notably, which sold to Teg served in the Army and is a commissioned Infantry Officer, he is a graduate of Cal Poly State. He is married to Pam, and has three children, Morgan, Colton and Garrick.

Steve Hull (“Huli”):

Founder and CTO. Huli has led software development teams at Evergreen Case Tools, MicroCrafts, ProInda, Silvaris, iShip, and Huli is a graduate of Chapman University and served in the Air Force including a tour in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. He is married to Kari and has two children, Jack and Olivia.

Jeff Bell:

Chief Marketing Officer. Jeff spent 20 years working in Corporate America with Ford, DaimlerChrysler and Microsoft. In 2008, he joined the Venture Capital firm, NCT Ventures. Jeff has spent the past three years working with start-ups, most notably Clearsaleing, Driverside, Domedia and Embrace Pet Insurance. Jeff is a graduate of Kenyon College, and received his MA from Johns Hopkins and his MBA from Wharton. He is married to Colleen and has three sons, Joshua, Jonathon and Matthew.

How Do We Do It?

Digital Lifeboat has been created for all personal computer users who store photos, music, videos and documents on their PCs and would be sad if they lost them. It is our vision to create a software service which protects your “digital treasures” with easy to use software. We are building a business and promise to serve our customers, and to be there when we are most needed.

Our founders have an extraordinary amount of experience with centralized storage, or what many would call “data centers.” They understand the cost and time to set them up and run them. They also know that they have significant security and operational risks. It was with this knowledge that we started Digital Lifeboat, a distributive storage model for online backup and recovery.

It is our belief that as our lives become more digital, and as we store more of our memories, our finances, our entertainment and our work life on our computers, we need a simple and secure way to protect those files, and restore lost or deleted files. As simple as that sounds, what we do is very complicated. Our solution is a distributed storage cloud service. Digital Lifeboat will compress and encrypt each file selected for backup. We then process your encrypted file with an Erasure Coding algorithm that creates many fragments of your file. Once these fragments are prepared for transfer into the Digital Lifeboat Cloud, we then securely send and store each of them outside of your home on different computers. These encrypted, erasure coded, fragments are invisible on their storage hosts.

We also store encrypted, erasure coded, fragments on your PC from other members of the Digital Lifeboat cloud. These fragments are invisible to your computer and it operates as if they are not there. When you add more data to your hard drive, they will automatically be erased if they are in the way. Our service is self-healing and self-managing, so we will replicate those erased fragments and distribute them to other parts of the Digital Lifeboat Cloud. We only use a fraction of your free disk space, but you are never prohibited form adding more data to your hard drive. Indeed, your system does not recognize the data we store, and you do not have to manage it in any way.

Digital Lifeboat is like an insurance policy for your digital life. We are there when you need us. We are working to make the entire process easy – from installing our software, through the backup process, and of course the most valuable service of all recovering your data.


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