Works with: Windows & Mac (plus works with portable USB drives)

GoodSync is another good option (no pun intended) for those of you wishing to sync your data across computers.  You can download a free trial (no obligation) right here (Mac users can download it here.).  If you decide to purchase the Pro version ($29.95) you can sync an unlimited # of files.

Use GoodSync for File Synchronization

File Synchronization is the process of ensuring that folders in two or more separate locations contain identical up-to-date files. If you add, change, or delete a file from one location, the synchronization process will add, change, or delete the same file at the other location. Files are copied in both directions, keeping the two or more locations in sync with each other. GoodSync will not only synchronize all your data, but analyze, filter, and display results, ensuring you avoid duplicates and synchronize only the files you need and do not delete the wrong files by accident.

File synchronization allows users to access the same version of files on multiple locations, such as directories on a computer, or removable storage devices such as flash drives. GoodSync also supports file synchronization over the internet to folders on FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3. Wherever your files may be, when two locations are synchronized with GoodSync, the most current version of a file is available at all locations, regardless of where and when it was last modified.

Why is file synchronization useful?

Although it is possible to copy files between directories manually, using GoodSync is faster and less error prone. GoodSync’s powerful file synchronization algorithm takes all the guesswork out of keeping all of your important files up-to-date.

Why is GoodSync the best file synchronization utility?

  • GoodSync has the most automation features. GoodSync allows you to automate the file synchronization process by giving the option to synchronize regularly at a given time of day or whenever a particular system action occurs (eg. when a USB drive is inserted or during system start-up). GoodSync also has strong filtering technology that allows you to include (or exclude) only the folders and files that you wish to sync.
  • GoodSync has the most options for file storage. GoodSync synchronizes files located on a hard drive, network, removable drive, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3. GoodSync can synchronize files locally, through a network, or through the internet. GoodSync is available for Windows and Mac and can be installed on a workstation, USB drive, or a server.
  • GoodSync has the most robust technology. GoodSync’s sophisticated algorithm and bit-by-bit synchronization ensures complete accuracy and protects against data loss. Even if there’s a power outage in the middle of a synchronization, GoodSync will pick up and finish the synchronization right where it left off. GoodSync is scalable enough to withstand synchronization jobs ranging from five files to five million files without fail.

Use GoodSync for File Backup

GoodSync backs up files by copying from a source folder to a destination folder. Files are changed by the user only on the source folder, with changes sent to the destination folder for backup.

Backing up your data is a necessity so when important images, spreadsheets, MP3s, financial documents, and emails are lost, you are able to easily restore them with your backup copy on the destination folder. With file backup, your data is sent in one direction, to a destination folder on a location where it can be safely stored.

Backing up your files is important whether you want to completely restore a computer following a crash, or to restore small numbers of files after they have been accidentally deleted or corrupted. Backups are typically the last line of defense against data loss. With GoodSync you can back up files to a different location or device, including but not limited to flash drives, servers, laptops, desktops, or other external drives. GoodSync also supports FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, and Amazon S3. All GoodSync file backups are fast and secure, and can be completed locally, over a network, or over the internet.

Why is GoodSync file backup superior to traditional backup?

  • GoodSync is faster and more efficient. GoodSync file backup employs a sophisticated synchronization algorithm to detect which files on the source folder have been changed, and only backs up the files that have been changed by the user. This is much more efficient than backing up the entire source folder every time files are backed up like traditional backup services.
  • GoodSync provides easy access to your files. Unlike traditional file backup services, GoodSync directly backs up and updates the actual data files themselves. Instead of creating an image of the source data that has to go through a cumbersome restoration process, GoodSync makes an identical replication of the files in the source folder when transferring to the destination folder. In the event of data loss in the source folder, this means that files in the destination folder can be launched immediately, thereby reducing any unnecessary downtime.
  • GoodSync has the most options for file storage. GoodSync backs up files that are in folders that are located on a hard drive, network, removable drive, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, or Amazon S3. GoodSync can backup files locally, through a network, or through the internet. GoodSync is available for Windows and Mac and can be installed on a workstation, usb drive, or a server.

GoodSync synchronizes and backs up files such as photos, financial documents, MP3s, e-mails between desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives.

GoodSync is the latest software in a series of highly reliable, easy-to-use products from Siber Systems, the makers of RoboForm. It uses an innovative synchronization algorithm that offers true bi-directional synchronization.

Key Features

  • True Bi-Directional Synchronization
    GoodSync can automatically detect and synchronize creation, deletion, and all other changes, made by the user in folders, subfolders, and files.
  • One-Way Synchronization Provides an Easy Backup Solution
    Easy to setup One-Way Synchronization provides an easy and reliable backup solution.
  • Deletions Are Propagated
    GoodSync can propagate your file deletions, even through a chain of Syncs.
  • Chained Synchronization for Multiple Devices
    Changes performed by GoodSync can be transferred to other computers/devices.Example: You can synchronize files between computers A and B which are not connected to each other, by synchronizing Computer A to a USB disk, and then syncing USB disk to computer B.
  • Lightning Fast Speed, Low Memory Requirement
    GoodSync is much faster than other synchronization programs and it takes less memory. It can analyze a job with 1M files and folders on each side in less than 10 minutes on only 500 Mb of memory.
  • Syncs not just Windows folders but also FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, S3
    GoodSync can sync any two folder located on Windows Local Disk, Windows Network Server (SMB), FTP server, WebDAV server, Secure FTP (SSH) server, Amazon S3 server.
  • Syncs with your Windows Mobile Phone and Pocket PC
    GoodSync can sync files on Windows Mobile Phone or Pocket PC device (Windows CE) to desktop.
  • Selective File Synchronization: Exclude and Include Filters
    Files can be excluded from synchronization based on name pattern, size, modification time.
  • 64-bit version, not just 32-bit
    GoodSync for Windows comes both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Portable Paths for Removable Drives
    You can specify folder path that starts with volume name, so that your volume is found no matter what disk letter it uses. Details are here.

Sync Algorithm

  • No File System Monitoring Is Required
    Changes in files are automatically detected by comparing current file status to the stored file status, so no OS-based file monitoring is required.
  • Embedded Jobs Handled
    One folder and its subfolders can participate in more than one sync job, some of these jobs syncing folders above or below this folder. For instance, you can sync folder C:\work\project to USB key, sync folder C:\work to portable hard drive and file state changes registered in one job will be accounted for by the other job.
  • Case Sensitivity
    For GoodSync file and folder names are case-sensitive, that is, Folder/File.txt is not the same as folder/file.txt. So you can easily sync with Internet servers that are case-sensitive. And GoodSync makes sure your file names are the same on both sides of the job, including the case of letters.
  • Time Shifts Are Detected And Fixed
    When modification time of number of files is different by the same whole number of hours, GoodSync can correct file modification time without copying the file.
  • FTP File Modification Time Sync
    GoodSync uses MDTM FTP command (where available) to get/set precise file modification time.
  • File Mod Time Translation For Non-Preserving File Systems
    For file systems that do not preserve file modification time when copying, GoodSync implements a novel time translation technique that make mod time appear to be preserved by copy action.
  • Sync Just File Modification Times for Time Shifts
    If you think that files are the same and they have different modification time, GoodSync can copy just modification time, without copying the file bodies.

File Manipulation

  • Encrypt Backups using EFS
    You can use Windows Encrypting File System (EFS) to encrypt your backups. In GoodSync you can specify encrypted/decrypted status of sync folder.
  • Compression in NTFS
    GoodSync can compress one or both sync folders using NTFS compression.
  • Copy Locked Files
    GoodSync can copy locked files using Volume Shadow Copy Service.
  • Copy Symbolic Links or Drill Down
    Symbolic links can be copied as links (copy as is) or as files to which they are pointing.
  • Copy ACL Security Attributes
    Has an option to copy Access Control List (ACL) security attributes of NTFS.
  • Speed Limit for File Copy
    GoodSync can limit bandwidth consumed by a sync job by limiting its file copy speed.
  • Unix Diff Integrated
    Can call Unix Diff utility to compare text file line by line.
  • Online Backups Via Encrypted Channel
    If you backup to Secure FTP or WebDAV + SSL online file systems then all files transferred are encrypted en route.

User Interface

  • Visual Comparison of Folder Trees Made Easy
    File and folders from both sides are displayed in one combined tree making visual comparison easy.
  • Slice It and Dice It With Tree Views
    File to be synced are sorted into different groups (All, Left to Right, Right to Left, New Files, Deleted Files, Excluded, etc) and Tree Views allow to see all these different groups in File Tree.
  • Job List Pane as Main Control Panel
    Job List pane shows status of all jobs.
  • Total Bytes and Counts At All Levels
    At every level of your folder tree you will see how many files and how many bytes will be copied.
  • Mini Window for Specialized Applications
    GoodSync can be pre-programmed by system administrator to perform a specific sync jobs and show only minimal Mini-Window GUI.


  • Start On Timer or Windows Scheduler
    Analysis and Synchronization can be automatically started every N minutes, or on a schedule by GoodSync in Task Scheduler.
  • Start When Files Change
    Analysis and Synchronization can be started when any file in sync folders changes.
  • Start On When Folder Is Connected
    GoodSync start synchronizing two folders when both of them connect. This includes:

    • Network Share appears due to connection to local network
    • Remote server appears due to connection to the Internet
    • Portable disk appears due to insertion into computer
    • Windows Mobile phone appears due to docking to desktop.
  • Start When GoodSync Starts or Windows Logs Off
    GoodSync may starts synchronization automatically when you start GoodSync, say, on Windows Logon. Or when you logoff from Windows session.
  • Auto Mount of Network Shares
    GoodSync automatically mounts network share folders when “Analyze” is started.
  • Logs of Actions and Changes Report
    All changes are reported, with file modifications, on the tree. All file operations performed by GoodSync are logged to log file and on screen. A change report is available for tracking and analysis.
  • E-Mail Log of Automatic Sync
    GoodSync has an option to send e-mail with synchronization session results, once the sync session has been completed.

Reliability and Robustness

  • Automatic Reconnect for Remote Folders
    GoodSync automatically reconnects remote folders if they lose connection during Analyze or Sync.
  • Portable Paths for Removable Drives
    Portable paths for sync folders ensure that the volume that has unique Volume Name will be found no matter what disk letter it gets.
  • Auto Backup of Replaced Files
    You can set-up GoodSync to automatically save a copy of the file that GoodSync is about to replace when syncing. This setting allows you to always maintain the last two versions of any file.
  • Free Space Required Predicted
    GoodSync computes Free Space needed to complete Sync before you start it, so you know whether you have enough disk space before you start.
  • Fast Pre-Analyze Option
    Do not run Analyze on server side if only GoodSync changes server side.


  • User Interface Localization
    GoodSync application is available in many languages.
  • Non-latin characters in file and folder names transfer well to servers
    GoodSync uploads and downloads files and folders with non-latin names just fine. It works correctly on Windows, networks, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, S3 file servers. We use UTF-8 to encode file and folder names in transfer and UNICODE internally.

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