16 reasons you will love Backblaze more (2.0)

backblaze 2.0

Our unlimited online backup is now more unlimited…
Backblaze 2.0 can now backup unlimited file sizes and unlimited file types. You can now backup files over 9 GB as well as VMWare, Parallels, ISO, and any other file type you choose.

…and faster.
We added Automatic Throttle to most efficiently use the bandwidth you have, provided a real-time speed test, added small file batching to speed their backup by about 25 times, reduced RAM usage, sped up external drive detection, and much more.

We have also added a number of new enhancements.
• Restore to 1 TB external drive (up from 500 GB).
• Don’t backup on battery mode option.
• Quick access restore menu item.
• and more …

How do you get it?
All Backblaze customers will automatically be upgraded to the latest version over the next couple weeks. If you wish you to upgrade immediately, click “Check for Updates” from the Backblaze menu item. If you installed after Oct 25th, you are already running v2.0

All customers will automatically see the new enhancements and speed improvements. However, other settings for existing customers will not be changed. Thus, if you would like to start using Automatic Throttle or change the file size or file type limits, please open the Backblaze Control Panel, clicks Settings, and adjust as you wish.

Learn more about the new Performance Release 2.0 

Backblaze has just realized version 2.0 of their software. A long with it comes 16 great new features.  Most of them are fantastic and continue to show why Backblaze is one of our top recommendations.

Unlimited File Size
Backup any file type and any files size. Even the largest and longest HD movies can now be backed up.
Unlimited File Size Online Backup

Automatic Throttle
Use the Internet bandwidth you have most efficiently. Switching between fast and slow connections? Backblaze automatically adjusts the speed of backups.

Faster Transfer Speed
While Backblaze has always provided unlimited bandwidth, v2.0 now batches many small files into a few large packages, enabling small files to be backed up more than 25 times faster.

Lots of Other Good Stuff

Backup VMware and Virtual Machines
VMware, Parallels, and other virtual machines can now be backed up.
Backup ISO filetypes
ISO images can now be backed up.
Real-time bandwidth speed test
See how quickly the last backed up file was transferred.
Restore to 1TB external drive (up from 500 GB)
Web downloads are unlimited as always. FedEx restore hard drives now available up to 1TB.
Silent mode
Zero system resource usage when scheduled to backup on click. Ideal for gaming, webcast recording, etc.
Reduced RAM usage
Optimized data buffering further minimize RAM usage.
Don’t backup on battery mode
Option to turn backup off when not plugged in.
2x faster restore browsing
New backed up files can be browsed dramatically faster.
Quick access restore menu
New menu item to directly access web restore selection.
Speedier external drive detection
External USB and Firewire drives appear almost instantly in the restore view.
Improved large file backup
Files that take days to backup, even if interrupted, still automatically continue to backup where they left off.
SSL hardware acceleration
Automatically takes advantage of Intel AES-NI chip when available.
Customize temporary data location
Optionally set external drive as the primary location for temporary data.
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