Storage Guardian

If you haven’t already heard of Storage Guardian, we highly recommend you take a look.

They offer great pricing on incredibly secure backup.  Here’s more information:
Enterprise Data Restoration Data Recovery LAN Online StorageStorage Guardian is a private company specializing in backing up critical data on a “pay-as-you-go” basis to a secure off-site location.

Long-term data protection of up to 1TB of data is provided for as little as $50/month, with additional storage costing 4.9 cents per gigabyte.


Storage Guardian’s remote backup service is the culmination of a decade of intense research and software development. It responds to a growing awareness among many business leaders of business continuity concerns, which have spearheaded outsourcing trends, growing data volumes, and increasing data vulnerabilities generated in today’s economy. Storage Guardian is an innovative and cost-effective data backup and data storage solution as a superior alternative to tape-based data recovery systems.


Storage Guardian is an affordable, feature-rich, online data backup and fast data recovery service that is easy to install, administer, and use. The service is delivered over a communications link using the TCP/IP protocol and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Storage Guardian is suitable for small, mid-size, and enterprise-wide, multiple-platform LAN computing environments that want to safeguard their critical business data in a secure, off-site location.


Storage Guardian provides its software technology as a service over any corporation’s Internet connection or dedicated leased line or wireless network to its secure, state-of-the-art Data Centres.


The company is developing a select network of authorized VARs to service the off-site backup and fast data recovery needs of companies located throughout North America.


Advanced backup and recovery for virtual machines

Back up and recover VMs with any-to-any restore capability, and pay only for the amount of compressed data that you back up.

Recover entire email servers… or just a single email

Quickly restore Exchange, Groupwise and other email data – whether it’s an entire bank of servers or even a single email!

Restore data locally – and fast

Save a copy of your latest data on-site for faster recovery, in addition to sending it to our remote data vault.

“Bare metal” disaster recovery onto different hardware

Recover entire servers from a disaster – even if the new hardware or operating system is completely different from the old one!

Keep earlier versions of your data longer

With our advanced retention policies, you can keep your data longer and have better access to older archived data.

Compatible and compliant

Our backup/recovery technology is compatible with a wide range of platforms and boasts several important certifications.

Here are some selected features:

  • Real-time file restoration for faster data recovery
  • Security, including AES encryption, passwords, authentication, and delta compression
  • Redundant, fault-tolerant RAID 5 storage to ensure data availability 7x24x365
  • Automated, unattended backups for improved staff productivity
  • Backs up Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, VMware, NetWare, all common Unix environments, and VMS
  • Advanced backup/restore functionality for all popular email applications, including Exchange, Outlook 2007 and GroupWise
  • Multitasking, multithreading operations for increased productivity and speed
  • Enhanced administrative efficiencies
  • Reporting utilities for planned bandwidth and server upgrades

Click any feature category below to view detailed information:

Backup Sets Backup options
Connection ISDN, T1, ATM, Internet, Modem using TCP/IP protocol
Certification /
Certification by Microsoft, VMware, IBM, Novell, et al
Data Recovery    Locked files, file overwrite, time selections, restore locations
DS-Client Backup and recovery software application
DS-Delta Incremental backups
DS-Library Identification of duplicate files
DS-Statistics Reporting utility for load, utilization, and storage trends
DS-System On-line, off-site RAID 5 data vault; available 7x24x365
Storage Guardian Brand name of data backup, storage, and recovery services
DS-User Graphical user interface
Security AES encryption, digital signatures, authentication

Backup Sets – for flexible backups of multiple-platform LAN environments

A backup set is the list of items you wish to backup from your computer or network. It includes directories, files, and applications.

  • Backup options and the backup schedule are user-definable for each backup set.
  • Storage Guardian can backup Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008 (including Small Business Server 2003), VMware, NetWare, all common Unix environments, and VMS.
  • Backup Options:
    • Unattended, customizable scheduled backups
    • On-demand backups of individual directories, files, or a backup set
    • Configurable multiple file generations
    • “Buffered” Backup feature for short backup window (Data is backed up from a server to a buffered area and then transmitted from the buffer to the off-site storage vault. This frees up the server for other tasks.)
    • Backup of open files
    • Backup of security and configuration (NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, NetWare 3.xx, 4.xx, 5.xx, and UNIX)
    • Fast initial backup
    • On-line backup of Microsoft SQL and Microsoft Exchange Servers

Connection – bandwidth options for any budget

The designated DS-Client machine uses the standard TCP/IP protocol to connect to the off-site DS-System data vault, using either a dedicated or dial-up communications link. This may be via ISDN, PRI, BRI, ATM, Internet, or Modem. Your LAN may be 10/100 Base-T, Token Ring, ATM, or FDDI.

Certification – for worry-free assurance of industry-standard LAN and server compatibility

View an animation of this featureBoth the DS-Client application software and the DS-System vault of the Storage Guardian service have been tested, approved, and certified compatible by third party authorized testing centers. Certification by industry heavyweights such as Microsoft, Novell, Hummingbird, and IBM provides you with peace of mind that your existing LAN and server-related products will work smoothly with Storage Guardian.

The DS-ClientTM is compatible with:

  • Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Small Business Server 2003, and Windows Server 2008
  • Mac OS X
  • VMware
  • Red Hat Linux, Novell Suse Linux, IBM AIX, IBM iSeries OS-400, SUN Solaris, HP-UX, HP-Tru64 UNIX, and other Linux/Unix operating systems
  • Novell® NetWare and Novell NDS Network Directory Services under the Novell “Yes, Tested & ApprovedTM” and the “Directory EnabledTM” marks, respectively
  • Hummingbird Communications NFS Maestro Gateway for UNIX under the “Flying with Hummingbird” mark

We also provide extensive database support, including the following:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008
  • Microsoft Exchange Server & Outlook 2000/2003
  • Oracle 8 and above
  • IBM DB2
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL

The DS-SystemTM is certified as:

  • IBM Netfinity ServerProven
  • IBM ClusterProven

Data Recovery – for fast critical data availability

  • Real-time restoration of files over a communications line.
  • Alternate restore locations.
  • Locked file restoration.
  • Truncation of restore path.
  • File overwrite and time selection options.
  • Options to restore registry, bindery, NDS, and file security.
  • Large data volumes at native LAN speeds via portable DS-System.

DS-Client – for simple, hassle-free data management

  • This is the backup and recovery software application. This application functions as a “gateway” between your data and the off-site DS-System data storage vault. The DS-Client integrates with your existing network security structure.
  • The DS-Client executes as a service on any Windows system (Windows 2000 or later). It creates, maintains, and deletes backup sets, monitors activities, initiates scheduled backups, and permits user-initiated data recovery. It will browse and backup every computer visible to it on a LAN.
  • Because Storage Guardian is an “agentless” application, only one DS-Client is required for your enterprise. So maintenance and troubleshooting diagnosis is limited to a single software installation.
  • For larger backup requirements, you can opt to distribute multiple DS-Client applications across your computing environment.
  • Multitasking and multithreading operations allow you to perform backup, restore, and delete functions on different data sets simultaneously, increasing productivity.

DS-Delta – for efficient data transfers that conserve bandwidth

This technology saves one original “master” file at the DS-System data storage vault; subsequent backups send only the binary changes that have occurred to the original file.

This enhances data security, and reduces data transfer volumes by as much as 99%. It also shortens the backup window, and reduces the amount of bandwidth you require to transfer your data to the off-site DS-System data storage vault.

DS-Library – for “intelligent” data backups

This technology ensures that identical, duplicate files are not transferred to the DS-System data storage vault. This reduces file transmission sizes, while increasing data backup speeds.

DS-Statistics – for planning and managing equipment purchases, bandwidth upgrades, and network loads before a crisis develops

View an animation of this featureThis is the reporting utility which allows you to measure your LAN’s activities, including load, utilization, and storage trends, without sending data to the DS-System data storage vault.

  • Statistics are available per server, group, or individual user.
  • The report is useful for equipment and bandwidth planning, and load balancing. It also allows you to estimate the required backup time and cost per GB per month, based on the type of communication line you are using to transfer your data to the DS-System data storage vault.

DS-System – for on-line data storage that’s robust, safe, and secure

This is the on-line, off-site RAID 5 data storage vault, which contains your company’s data backup sets. RAID 5 architecture is fault-tolerant and redundant, thus preventing data loss from hardware failures. This ensures a robust backup and recovery solution.

  • The data stored in the DS-System vault is routinely backed up onto different media located at separate premises. This ensures further physical security.
  • It keeps accurate event logs of all data transferred and stored.
  • Your data is kept on-line so that it is always available. The data vault is located at a Storage Guardian Service Provider’s secure, off-site Data Centre.

Storage Guardian – a key component of business continuity plans. And peace of mind you can count on.

This is the brand name of the on-line data management service. It includes unattended data backup, secure off-site storage, and fast data recovery.

  • Your data is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it remains encrypted until it is restored on your LAN premises.
  • Storage Guardian is offered as a service through Value Added Reseller program.
  • Because Storage Guardian is remarketed and resold, there is no additional hardware to maintain, troubleshoot, or purchase, except for your TCP/IP communications link, and long distance charges, if applicable. And there’s no software to purchase either.

DS-User – a graphical user interface that’s easy-to-use

This is the graphical user interface that enables a LAN administrator or user to control the DS-Client’s backup and restore functions, and to create backup sets.

  • At least one DS-User installation is required to manage the DS-Client, and it can be installed on the same computer as the DS-Client, or as a remote management feature, on any other Windows computer with a TCP/IP connection to the DS-Client.
  • DS-User access to the DS-Client adopts the existing LAN security model.

Security – for data that’s safe and secure

View an animation of this featureStorage Guardian uses the industry-standard AES encryption algorithm. Your authorized personnel enter the key when installing the DS-Client software application on your premises. Because the Storage Guardian VAR does not escrow encryption keys, only your authorized personnel have access to the data.

  • Data is always encrypted, compressed, and decrypted at your LAN location. This means that your data is encrypted before leaving your premises and remains encrypted at all times – even when stored off-site – until it is restored back at your LAN location.
  • The DS-Client integrates transparently with your existing security access levels, so your LAN security is unaffected. You specify backup and restore permissions as required.
  • Other security features include the creation and verification of digital signatures, authentication, backup set synchronization, user name, and password.
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