AVG LiveKive

AVG LiveKive unlimited online backupAVG LiveKive is a new service that copies all your files, photos, and music and saves them to a remote server via a secure Internet connection to prevent them from being lost or stolen.
Think of it as your own virtual archive.

While $80/year for unlimited backup isn’t the greatest we’ve seen, it’s still quite good.  Plus AVG is a very popular and trusted company.  You’ve probably heard of and/or used their free Anti Virus software.


30-day unlimited trial:  FREE

25 GB: $50/year

Unlimited: $80/year

Compatible with:

compatible with windows, mac osx, android

Advantages of LiveKive:

Easy:  Automatic online backup of all your digital valuables

Social:  Quick and easy file, photo, and music share with family and friends

Secure:  Military-grade encryption ensures files are always kept private and safe

Accessible:  Web-enabled device sync enables instant, hassle-free access

Get unlimited online backup now!

AVG LiveKive at a glance…

Automatic backup:  Schedule automatic backups and save time with incremental backups that upload only those files which have been changed or newly added.

Share rooms:  Share files, folders, photos and music with friends, family, and colleagues via share rooms you can create and monitor with ease. Access to rooms is controlled via User ID

Remote access:  Synchronize and access all your files remotely from any web-enabled device, including iPhones and Android devices.

Military-grade encryption:  Rest easy knowing your valuables are kept safe in our secure data centers which are protected with military-grade encryption.


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