BackBlaze for Business

Backblaze unlimited corporate backupHow is Backblaze for Business different from Backblaze for Individuals?
Both versions of Backblaze automatically backup all data online and provide unlimited storage for just $50/computer/year. In addition, for companies with at least 5 computers to backup, Backblaze for Business adds central billing and reporting from a master account – all while each employee continues to have their own account to backup to and restore from.

Backblaze provides unlimited storage to backup your employees’ important data.

Laptop & Desktop Backup.
Most business data resides on employees’ computers. Backblaze backs up Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Intel-based Macintosh computers.

Affordable, Predictable Pricing.
No guessing. No overages. Just one, affordable price per computer.

Completely Secure.
Data is encrypted on the computer, sent over an encrypted connection, and stored encrypted.

Online and Offsite.
Backblaze backs up data over the Internet. No managing tape drives or external hard drives required. Your data is kept safe in an offsite location.

Unlimited Storage.
No need to worry how much data employees need to backup – Backblaze is unlimited.

Simple Deployment.
No need to spend time picking folders and files to backup. Backblaze automatically backs up all data. Installation requires nothing more than entering an email address and password.

Continuous Protection.
Losing even one day of work data is painful. Backblaze backs up data continuously to ensure employees can get their most recent work back.

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