Carbonite offers Mirror Imaging

Here’s another great move by Carbonite.  They have just added the ability to backup a mirror image of your harddrive (clone) including the operating system and programs.  No other online backup does this.  In general you have to pay a decent price for a piece of software to clone your hard drive (though there are some free alternatives such as Macrium Reflect).

Mirror Image: HomePlus and HomePremier users will have an extra layer of protection with a local copy of their computer’s hard drive. With Mirror Image, Carbonite users now have the ability to back up the operating system and software programs to an external hard drive. By combining this “bare metal” backup with their cloud backup, a user will have the extreme reliability of physically separate and redundant data backups. Now, if a user’s hard drive crashes, Mirror Image can be used to quickly restore the entire disk (including the Windows operating system, all applications and settings) in just a few hours.

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