Online Backup iPad Apps: Review 1 [SugarSync]

We recently filled up our iPad with just about every app available from online backup companies.  Here’s what our iPad looks like:

iPad apps for online backup and sync

As you can see, we’ve installed almost 20 online backup/sync apps and are going to be reviewing all of them for you.  After all, one of the big advantages that some companies offer over others is the ability to easily view/edit/share your files from your mobile device.  Once we’re done with our iPad reviews, we’ll move on to Android.

For our first review we wanted to use sugarsync free 5gb online backup and sync for ipad SugarSync, one of our favorite online backup and sync companies.  As a reminder, SugarSync offers 5 GB of free space + up to 750 MB additional free space by doing some simple tasks (i.e. taking and sharing a photo on your iPad, etc…).  They also offer 500 MB per referral, with no limit.

Now on to the review: First off, the SugarSync iPad app is only 8.5MB.  It’s compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.  After installing and logging in (with an existing account created on your PC), you’ll be greeted with a ‘home’ screen of sorts:

sugarsync ipad app home
As you can see, it’s simple, yet effective.  From the home screen you can see your synced devices and folders.  In this case we have the app on our iPad and our Windows 7 HP laptop.  In addition, you can see at the bottom some quick links to photos, sharing and alerts.

sugarsync ipad app securityYou can also setup SugarSync with a 4-digit pin code so that anyone who picks up your iPad can’t access your files unless they know the code.




In summary, we truly love and use SugarSync on both our laptop and our iPad (and our Android phone as well but that’s a discussion for a separate review).

Try SugarSync Free!

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