Online Backup iPad Apps: Review 2 [Dropbox]

Next up in our iPad apps review segment is Dropbox.  Dropbox has apps for essentially anything and everything.  This review focuses on the iPad app.

Installing the app is easy (as are all iPad apps) and it takes up less than 10MB of space.  After you install the app and sign in to your account, we recommend you setup a 4 digit security code:

dropbox ipad app security pin codeOnce you setup the pin code you simply need to enter the 4 digits each time you open the dropbox app.  This makes it secure, without having to login with your email and password each time.

The Dropbox app has nice features which help make it really easy to use.  You can ‘star’ your favorite files for quick and easy access:

dropbox for ipad

You can upload photos and videos from your iPad to your dropbox account, where they will they sync to your computer:dropbox app for ipad

And you can simply browse or search through all of your files.  The one thing we don’t like is that there’s no ability to sort by date, only alphabetically.  Personally we like to sort by date with the most recent files on ipad app for dropbox sync

All-in-all the dropbox app is quite good and is just another reason we highly recommend dropbox for syncing data across multiple devices.

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