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SOS lets you backup as many computers as you need using one account. With SOS, all of the PCs in your business are simply managed; no juggling multiple accounts! And because we don’t charge you a separate amount for each PC, SOS is the most affordable way to back up your business.  SOS Online Backup has been PC Magazine Editors’ Choice backup solution for the last three years and is the category leader and one of the most established SaaS vendors in the market. It is also one of the most frequently recommended online backup solutions.

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Engage Live Protect™, SOS’s Continuous Data Protection detection feature that backs up files as soon as a change is detected. As soon as you modify a file on any of the PCs on your account, SOS will back up your data instantly. When you need to access the file, whether it be from another computer or share it with a colleague, the latest version is always available.

With the use of SOS’s local backup system, you can backup your important files with encryption to an external USB drive, a local network location, a USB stick, an iPod or any other local medium for additional protection.

Keep an unlimited version history of all your files. Roll back your books to last year’s tax records if you wish. Use our time machine feature to go back to the date you want to restore your backup as of and recover that snapshot of files & versions.

SOS Online Backup’s three-tiered security system provides complete data security and privacy protection. The level of encryption used by SOS Online Backup is frequently used by the US military. SOS provides an additional encryption option called UltraSafe™. Ultrasafe encrypts your data with a password that only can ever access.

Data secured by SOS Online Backup is goes through the following three-tiered encryption process:

  • Locally encrypted at 256AES
  • In transit at 128bit SSL
  • At the data center at 1024bit AES
  • At the point of log in with UltraSafe™
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