Use CloudSafe to store documents online

Use CloudSafe to store critical documents online. Access your files from anywhere and share them with friends and colleagues. All data is encrypted.  Click here to register for free!

Unlike Mozy, Carbonite, BackBlaze, etc. cloudsafe does not automatically backup your data.  It’s more akin to in that you can store your data securely online, and access it anywhere via a mobile app or their secure website.

We were not able to find pricing on their website, but the services they offer make it quite compelling nonetheless.  Stay tuned for a more in-depth review, including pricing plans, in the near future.

Store as many documents as you like securely online

Whether you use a single password or have thousands of files, CloudSafe makes it possible for you to store all your important documents online in virtual safes with a complete folder structure. Your data is stored securely at CloudSafe and can be used as a personal backup or globally accessible Cloud storage. The choice is yours.

Really secure: Encrypted transport and storage

When transporting your data we exclusively use EV SSL, the internet encryption standard, which is also used for bank business or card transactions (this is recognizable by the green color of the address bar in your browser). Thereafter your data is stored in a secure, encrypted form on our servers. We decided on AES 256 – the worldwide recognized standard for secure encryption.

CloudSafe does not have any access

The entire contents placed in your safe are encrypted with a cryptographic key that can only be accessed using your password. We do not store your password ourselves. Only you are able to access your data; it is simply not possible for CloudSafe or third parties to gain access.

Access wherever you are

No matter where you happen to be, you always have direct access to the data stored on CloudSafe. You can access it at any time via your web browser or via direct data access using WebDAV; this is already integrated into Windows 7, Mac OS X and Linux.

Device independent

Irrespective of whether you work from your PC, laptop or a smartphone, you always have access to your data at all times. Use are variety of tried-and-tested applications to edit your documents. You can setup access individually for every safe you would like to access. Use our CloudSafe Windows Client or otherWebDAV clients which CloudSafe supports on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry.

Secure standards

You can access your data via WebDAV without having to carry out complicated VPN configurations or changing firewall rules. If you can access the internet with your browser, then WebDAV will also work. For your security we support exclusively encrypted SSL connections within WebDAV.

Secure WebDAV Access

WebDAV is a industry standard for creating, changing and moving documents within the cloud. It is also integrated into Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac OS X. CloudSafe offers you a secure WebDAV interface to your safe’s content for free. It can be individually enabled for every safe. Via WebDAV you can securely access your CloudSafe data from any device, at any time.

Read more about WebDAV

Use our free CloudSafe Client

Install our free CloudSafe Windows Client to set up your online safes as local drives within Windows Explorer. Make sure you copy important files and folders to CloudSafe conveniently by dragging and dropping them to the virtual drives. Any backup and synchronization software will work, too. Or use the drive as a file repository for colleagues and business contacts to exchange important files. They can also install the free client to easily access the data.

CloudSafe Client

More software to access CloudSafe

There are other great software products to access your CloudSafe content. We provide you with a list of reliable third-party tools for you PC, Laptop or Netbook – but also for Blackberries, iPhones, iPads, Windows- and Android mobile phones. Some of them already offer sophisticated syncing and backup features to keep your local documents and your encrypted copies at CloudSafe perfectly in sync.

CloudSafe is a data storage and collaboration tool

It is up to you whether you use CloudSafe exclusively to securely store your data or whether you use it to work together with selected people by granting individually defined access rights. You can be assured that your documents are not only stored securely in case of an emergency, but you can also securely exchange information quickly and easily.

CloudSafe is innovative

Our unique encryption technology means we can offer you highest level of security for your data. With our innovative access chain system, which guarantees individual user administration, and the platform-independent access via secure standard protocols, we can guarantee you the highest possible security along with the greatest ease of operation.

CloudSafe is inexpensive

Our free basic product is not a test version with restricted features, but instead it offers you access to up to three virtual safes. Do you need more safes or more storage capacity? Then simply take advantage of our offer – at a low rate monthly fee which you may cancel at any time.

CloudSafe is indispensible

CloudSafe keeps your data under lock and key and has the perfect offer for every requirement – for private people, freelancers, project teams and businesses.

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