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As reported in the CrashPlan (one of our favorite online backup companies) blog, last week at the MacTech Conference in Los Angeles, Matthew Dornquast (CEO) showed off a beta version of the forthcoming CrashPlan PROe 3.0.

For those who didn’t make it to that event, here’s a recap of some of the great new features and enhancements coming with version 3.0

Note that this list is preliminary, based on pre-release beta software, and is subject to change between now and the release date.

Real-time reporting

A real-time dashboard displays important backup statistics to help you monitor and manage your backup. While there will still be the same reports, warnings and critical alerts that you can customize to receive at intervals and under conditions you specify, you will also be able to assess the state of your backup at-a-glance from your dashboard.

You will also see more comprehensive reports with more of the data that you need:

  • Better quota alerting
  • Current product license report
  • Text versions of backup reports
  • Backup reporting for all computers, not just within an organization
  • Better messaging for client-to-client activity

New User Interface
The management console has been given a complete overhaul and makeover. Not only does it look much more appealing, we have made it easier to use and to navigate. It will be easier to find the features you’re looking for and pop-up tools-tips will help you learn what to do.

Automatic data balancing
Now managing available storage is much easier. In release, the amount of storage used by your back up archives will be dynamically equalized across all your servers within a destination.

Also in this release, we are introducing the concept of “destinations,” which is a collection of servers (usually within the same geographic region) among which the backup archives can be distributed. Now all your servers will be running optimally. We also made it so that you can enable and disable balance for destinations, servers and individual store points as you wish.

Mobile Access
Now you can download, view and share files being backed up to your online destinations on your mobile device. Downloaded files will be instantly available right on your devices, and remain available even when you’re offline. You’ll be able to browse through files and folders just like you do on your computer. Simply touch a file to download it; touch additional files to add them to your download queue. View downloaded files within the app, or open them in another compatible app, then share via email. Best of all, One-Touch Update makes it easy to get the latest version of all your downloaded files.

Customizable backup sets

When you have different groups of files that you want sent to different destinations or with backed up different backup settings, users can create backup sets. They’ll have more choices about where to back up and how backups take place. Users and admins will be able to manage backups at the level of individual files.

Enhanced LDAP features

  • Ability to have multiple LDAP servers
  • LDAP availability for Cloud storage
  • Ability to assign a new to a destination based REGEX pattern

Updates to the Client Desktop

  • CrashPlan PROe detects new computers / drives on your account and allows you to avoid restarting backup. When you log into an existing account from a new computer you have the option to have the new computer adopt an existing one. This will reconnect the new computer to the old computer’s backup archive, allowing you to avoid the lengthy initial backup process. This feature makes it even easier to restore files when disaster claims a computer.
  • New scheduling options allow you to choose the day(s) of the week you want backups to take place.
  • Clicking the Play button for a destination makes that destination the highest priority. If you have backup sets enabled you can also change the priority of each backup set to specify the order in which you want your backup sets to backup.
  • You can verify the files in your backup files selection (or in your backup sets) on demand with the Scan button. This feature looks for deleted and de-selected files to determine which files should be backed up. You could always schedule verification to happen at a convenient time, but now you can make it happen on demand.
  • You can adjust how much juice you want CrashPlan to use on your LAN and WAN.
  • Displaying files when you restore works much faster.
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