free unlimited backup with buddybackupBuddyBackup offers unlimited free online backup to your buddies.  Encrypted backup means no-one can read your files – not even your buddies.  Your files are efficiently backed up the moment they are saved. Never lose a moment’s work.  Easily make secure, off-site backups so you’re safe in the event of fire, flood or theft.

BuddyBackup lets you back up your files to your friends, family and colleagues’ computers for free.  This means you get safe and secure online and “off-site” backups of your data without having to pay a third party company.

Here’s how BuddyBackup works:

How BuddyBackup works











Saving Your Files

Your files are constantly monitored for changes (see 1). When BuddyBackup sees a changed file, it takes a snapshot of it (see 2). This is done efficiently using an advanced system which means that only the changes within a file are saved (see 3). The technical term for this process is Binary Incremental Backup. For example, if you add a few paragraphs to a large Word document and save, only those changes are saved.

The next step is that your files are encrypted (made secret) (see 4). This is done before sending on the internet which means that no else can read your files, not even your buddies!

So, you’re the only one that can get back your files and use them.

Read more about security in BuddyBackup here
Backing Up

BuddyBackup sends the updated files to your buddies (see 5) over the internet. Remember that only changes within your files are sent (see above).

BuddyBackup uses advanced Peer-to-Peer technology to ensure you can connect even if your buddies are behind a firewall or router.

If no buddy is currently online, BuddyBackup will keep track of the changes and back them up later.

BuddyBackup uses your internet connection smartly by only using a trickle of your bandwidth when you’re using your computer. This means you can continue to work while BuddyBackup is backing up your files.

BuddyBackup doesn’t use scheduled times to do the backup – your files are backed up the moment they change meaning you’ll never lose a moments work in the event of disaster.
After You’ve Backed Up

Your backups will continue to sit safely on your buddies’ computers.

BuddyBackup regularly checks that your buddies still have your backups. If it discovers a problem, it will automatically backup your files to a different buddy instead. This means you’re safe even if a buddy uninstalls BuddyBackup or has a computer failure.

You can also setup BuddyBackup to keep multiple backup copies of your files so you’re extra safe. By default, 2 copies of your files are kept, spread among your buddies.
Restoring your files

If you have a disaster, you can easily recover your files by running BuddyBackup from your new computer.

You can do this from a friend’s computer using the Guest mode.

This process works similarly to backing up: BuddyBackup connects to your buddies and downloads your files.

Read the Restore Guide here.

BuddyBackup is extremely secure:

BuddyBackup takes your privacy and security very seriously.
You have total control about where your files are backed up. You can control which buddies you want to add.
Your files are encrypted locally before they’re backed up. This means that the files which arrive on your buddies are not readable by anyone except you.
Only you have access to the encryption keys
If someone steals your backups from a buddies computer, they won’t be able to read them
Special checks are done at all stages of backup and recovery to protect against accidental or malicious corruption of data. In particular:
A buddy will not send your encrypted data to someone other than you
A buddy cannot maliciously send you tampered backups when you are restoring data.
You know the files you receive are really from your buddies, and no-one else

Read our Privacy Statement.
Technical data about encryption

For the techies out there, here is a summary of the encryption systems used by BuddyBackup:
AES-256 keys for file data. AES is certified by the US government for use with classified information. Separate AES keys are used for file contents and filenames.
RSA-2048 Public Keys for authentication – the same technology used by SSL on websites
SSL (TLS) encryption between client and BuddyBackup servers
Salsa20 stream cipher used for buddy-buddy communication (note this is in addition to the AES-256 encryption of files).


Free Online Backup: Create online and off-site backups of your data for free.

Continuous Backup: no schedules to maintain. BuddyBackup will just backup as soon as files change.

Historical Backups: BuddyBackup keeps historical versions of your files. This means that you can go back to an older version at any time. This is really useful if you accidentally overwrite or delete a file.

Local backups: BuddyBackup can keep an extra backup of your files stored locally on your machine. This means you can restore files instantly without having to download from your buddies. Again, this is useful if you just overwrote or deleted a file by mistake.

Backup to USB drives and other locations: You can also backup a USB drive to add an extra level of protection. You can also backup securely to locations such as SAN and NAS.

Byte level incremental backup: Only the byte-level changes of your files are transferred over the internet when your file changes. This means that your bandwidth and storage costs are minimised.

Multiple backup copies: You can choose how many total backup copies to keep. This means you get extra redundancy in the event of failure, for your extra important documents.

Privacy assured: BuddyBackup maintains the highest standards of encryption and privacy. Simply put, only you have access to your files. Not even the buddies storing your files can read them. Read more about security.

Advanced Peer-Peer technology: BuddyBackup is able to connect to buddies even behind firewalls and routers.

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