Egnyte corporate backupEgnyte Cloud File Server addresses the critical infrastructure needs of businesses – file storage, backup, sharing and collaboration – in one secure, centrally-managed and easy-to-use solution. In combination with its Local Cloud technology, Egnyte enables fast local edit capabilities and offline access to your files.

Mobile File Access

Egnyte HybridCloud allows simple file access from any mobile device, providing accessibility on the go.

Users can access files on their mobile devices in two ways: by using a standard mobile web browser (same functionality as a computer web browser) or by using the Egnyte mobile app. The Egnyte app on the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices are free to download.

The Egnyte app not only lets users access files, but also download files locally on their mobile device for future offline access. Users can create and manage files/folders in their Egnyte account, as well as share files with colleagues and business partners. Egnyte also allows direct editing of files from mobile devices through a range of integrations with editing apps such as QuickOffice.

Free App Downloads

Download Egnyte for HP webOS (TouchPad)

Egnyte is a business-class online solution that completely eliminates the costs and complexity of purchasing and maintaining traditional file servers, tape backups, FTP and VPN systems. Access files from your PC, Mac or mobile device. You have unprecedented file access control which can be administered from anywhere on the Internet.

Egnyte free trial



Online Cloud File Server Security and Reliability

Egnyte provides enterprise class data security, access controls and performance to professionals and small to large organizations alike.

  • Redundant real-time data mirrors
  • SAS 70 Type II data centers
  • 99.97% guaranteed up-time
  • 256-bit AES encryption over SSL
  • Multi-level access control
  • Active Directory & LDAP support
  • HIPAA compliance

Online File Storage

  • Permission-based folders
    Create unlimited folders, arrange them in a hierarchical folder structure (nested sub-folders) and assign appropriate levels of permission-based security (Read, Read/Write, Read/Write/Delete).
  • Store files of any size
    Easily upload and store large files such as Powerpoint presentations, Photoshop files, CAD drawings, medical images, digital assets, video libraries, etc. (Group plan users have a maximum file size of 2.5GB)
  • Web access
    Egnyte provides secure access to all your files via a web browser.
  • Desktop access: Drag, drop and edit
    Map online folders as a network drive for easy file access from your PC or Mac. Drag and drop files between folders in a familiar manner and open them for editing with a click.*
  • Unlimited storage capability
    Egnyte service is available with 150 GB, 500 GB or 1 TB of online storage. Additional storage can be purchased and conveniently added to your account at any time through the Account Settings page of your Egnyte account. For information regarding unlimited storage plans, please contact us at 1-877-734-6983
  • Mobile access
    Use your favorite mobile device to access your business files. Egnyte apps are available for the iPhone, iPad, HP webOS, Android. Web browser access available to mobile phones such as the Blackberry.

File Sharing and Transfer

  • Shared folders
    Set up shared folders based on project or departmental needs and allow both employees and customers to safely and securely access their files from anywhere.
  • File and folder access controls
    Three levels of built-in security prevent unauthorized access, including initial login, folder access and individual document protections.
  • Automatic file versioning
    No need to change filenames to capture versions. Egnyte automatically versions files as they change. Egnyte never “overwrites” a file, so you get a complete audit trail of who made a change and when they made it.
  • Automatic notification of file changes
    As new files are added or as existing files change, Egnyte automatically notifies each user that has access to those files. Each person can specify a notification frequency indicating how often they would like to be notified.
  • File locking and checkout
    Users can lock files for modifications (file check-out). Once a file is locked (checked out), other users can view the file, but cannot edit or upload changes until the file has been unlocked (file check-in).
  • Simultaneous sharing with multiple customers and employees
    Empower business collaboration with remote teams and customers by establishing different levels of folder-based permission – such as Read or Read/Write – to safely enable multiple parties to work together from one central online location.
  • Share large files and folders via links
    Send large files by distributing a link instead of an attachment. You can control how long the link is active and can be automatically notified when a file has been downloaded. You can even publish your links to make them widely available.
  • Unlimited public folders 
    Public folders allow you to share files without requiring visitors to login. Just forward a link to a public folder or a specific file.
  • Security controls for sharing
    Each folder can be configured for access by authorized employees and business partners. And you control what each user is allowed to do with Read/Write/Delete file permissions.
  • Easily upload files
    Easily drag and drop files on your desktop. A browser-based Java uploader will help you to move files online, and for the largest files (500 MBs or more), Egnyte provides easy-to-use, no-maintenance FTP. (Group plan users have a maximum file size of 2.5GB)

Continuous File Backup

  • Automatic synchronization & backup of files
    Egnyte automatically synchronizes between local files and online copies, offering redunancy should local storage or local internet access experience outage.
  • Instantaneous web access of backed up files
    Securely access backed up data via a browser from anywhere on the Web. You can also restore older versions of files, since document histories are automatically maintained in Egnyte.
  • Easy file and folder restoration
    Easily restore files and folders with a single click of a mouse. File versioning ensures you can choose an older version of a file, if needed.

Offline Access: Local Cloud

  • Automatic synchronization of offline and online files
    The optional Egnyte Local Cloud provides full off-line access to files and folders. When Internet connectivity is restored, automatic synchronization reconciles changes between files on the Local Cloud and those on the Egnyte Cloud File Server.
  • Fast access to large files
    Accessing and editing large files over the Local Cloud is much faster than performing the same actions over the Internet, and all changes are synchronized; with versioning intact; once Internet connectivity has been restored.
  • Personal Local Cloud
    Personal Local Cloud can be deployed on your computer hard drive or directly-attached storage drive.
  • Office Local Cloud (**)
    Office Local Cloud can be deployed on NETGEAR ReadyNAS network attached storage (NAS) devices. (Intel® based ReadyNAS® devices only. Office Local Cloud will not work on the Duo or NV+ ReadyNAS devices).
  • Enterprise Local Cloud (***)
    Enterprise Local Cloud can be deployed on any existing hardware as a VMware®-based Virtual Appliance.

Enterprise Class Security

  • SSL encryption at all data touchpoints
    Unlike email-based communication which flows unprotected over the Internet, all communications with Egnyte including continuous data backup and browser- and desktop-based requests are secured using 256-bit AES encryption over SSL.
  • Secure data hosting and data redundancy
    Egnyte servers are hosted at SAS 70 Type II compliant collocation facilities that feature 24/7 manned security, biometric access control, video surveillance and physical locks. We further secure your data with redundant independent RAID storage.
  • SAS 70 Type II, HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant
    The Egnyte security approach is “Risk Model” based. We commit extensive resources to ensure that your data is both HIPAA and Safe Harbor compliant and that our security infrastructure is world-class.

Privacy Controls

  • File- and folder-level permission-based access
    Only company-specific, domain-validated users with active passwords are allowed access to protected files. Three-levels of built-in security prevent unauthorized access, including initial login, folder access and individual document protections.
  • Centralized administration
    The Egnyte Cloud File Server gives you document-level, centralized control over who has access to your business-file assets. You authorize users, manage read/write file access and have granular visibility into all user activity and file interactions.

User Management

  • Add users anytime
    Add as many users as you need and assign administrative and data access rights.
  • Control user rights and access level
    Administrators can create user accounts, modify passwords and also deactivate user accounts as needed. Administrators can also assign and revoke permissions on folders to assert control over what folders a user can access.
  • LDAP and Active Directory support
    Directory Service APIs’ enable easy integration with existing LDAP or Active Directory Service for users/groups and password management.

Custom Branding

Egnyte Cloud File Server can be configured to reflect your brand to your employees, customers and business partners. Administrators can customize the access URL, look and feel of the website, header logos and footers, and templates of messages that are sent out. Egnyte also allows you to set up your own mail servers to send these messages from instead of using Egnyte mail servers.

  • Customize the look and feel
    Upload your company logo and set up color scheme of your choice for your Egnyte web site pages.
  • Use your domain name
    It is easy to provide your users with a familiar URL to access your Cloud File Server. Egnyte allows you to specify a fully qualified domain. For example, you may customize a default access URL such as to say, The domain name you provide will also be used consistently in shared file links and in emails sent from Egnyte on your behalf. There will be a minimal one-time charge ($50), as this feature requires Egnyte to purchase new IP address to provide you with this optional capability.
  • Customized messages
    Egnyte lets you customize messages that are sent out to your business partners and customers, and provides the means to set up company-specific message templates.
  • Use your company mail server
    Egnyte sends out email notifications to users to inform them about new file additions, status of their backups, etc. By default, these notifications are sent from the Egnyte mail server. You may choose to have these sent out from your own mail server instead. As the administrator of your Egnyte Cloud File Server, you can specify the company mail server settings. Egnyte will then integrate with your mail server to send email messages/alerts from your company mail system.


  • Quickly search through large amounts of files
    Egnyte has powerful search capabilities, allowing you to quickly find and retrieve any file based on a wide-variety of search techniques, such as keywords, find similar files and file name match.
  • Full indexing of files
    The Egnyte Cloud File Server fully indexes all uploaded files for easy search and retrieval via a Web browser or from a mapped drive on your desktop.
  • Keyword, file name and tag search
    Find any of your files based on automatically extracted and indexed full-text content and file names.

Customer Support

  • 24×7 access
    Egnyte provides world-class customer support at no additional charge. Contact our knowledgeable support team 24×7 via email or by phone Mon – Fri, 8am-6pm PST (650-265-4058).
  • Extensive knowledge base 
    Find instant answers to your questions in our extensive knowledgebase.
  • Video library
    Our large library of training videos will help you get up to speed quickly.
  • Live training 
    Register for an online live demo and let our product experts help you get more from your Egnyte Cloud file Server than you ever thought possible.
  • Egnyte Data Migration Services
    Egnyte offers an optional service to help you migrate large amounts of data from your existing computers, servers or another online service to the Egnyte Cloud File Server.

*Egnyte mapped drive, Personal Local Cloud and file drag and drop functionality is available only to Egnyte Power Users.

** Office Local Cloud is an optional extra cost service.
*** Enterprise Local Cloud is an optional extra cost service.


Online File Server


What if your file server was easy to administer, required no maintenance, and provided remote file access? You would have an online file server! Watch this video and learn why businesses are starting to move their file servers to the cloud.

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