Nomadesk filesharingNomadesk: Share your files easily with people in or outside your team.  Nomadesk provides a cost effective, easy-to-use and secure solution for businesses to share files inside and outside the company. Share access to fileservers with team members and collaborators, allow read-only access to members outside your team and use FileLink or FolderLink to send a link to anyone via email.

Unlimited* Backup

Hard drives crash and computers get stolen or are lost. Protect your valuable data from suffering the same fate. Everytime a file is changed or a new file is saved on your server it gets backed up to the cloud. Since your files are backed up to redundant servers in the cloud, Nomadesk provides instant disaster recovery.

No Limits

While others limit the amount of data you can back up and charge more for extra storage space, Nomadesk offers unlimited backup to ensure all your data is secure and accessible. The unlimited backup is subject to our Fair Usage Policy to ensure users are afforded equal access to the cloud.

Mobile Phone

Nomadesk has you covered when you need to access your files with no computer in sight. Use the Nomadesk mobile apps to send FileLinks, FolderLinks and access important files on the go:

Alternatively, direct the browser on your mobile phone to and you are good to go.

Keep Your Files and Folders Synchronized

Having your critical files scattered across multiple computers can make them difficult to keep track of and easier to loose. Nomadesk eliminates the risk by providing a Fileserver to securely consolidate your valuable documents, back them up and synchronize your files and folders across multiple computers.

Automatic Sync

There’s no need to worry about synchronizing your files, simply drag and drop or save your documents directly to the fileserver and Nomadesk does the rest. Every time you log on, Nomadesk scans the online fileserver and automatically synchronizes the files that have been added or changed by other team members. The Nomadesk icon changes color to indicate whether your fileserver is connected, synchronized, synchronizing or if there is a conflict.

Need for Speed

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the last thing you want to do is sit around waiting for your files to synchronize. Nomadesk employs DeltaSync technology to speed up the synchronizing process by only updating the portions of the file that have changed. For example, if you have updated a few entries in a 2GB database file, Nomadesk will only update the new entries rather than the entire file saving valuable bandwidth and time. Nomadesk also synchronizes in the background so you can continue working uninterrupted.


Each Nomadesk fileserver has a unique email address allowing you or your team to email files directly to your fileserver. The files are saved in a folder and available for revue and refiling. Email2Folder is a great way to allow people to share files without having direct access to your fileserver.

Access Your Files Any Place, Any Time

As portable as laptops have become, you can’t always have your computer with you. With Nomadesk, you still have quick and easy ways to access your files wherever you are.

Online Dashboard

The Nomadesk online dashboard gives you the ability to easily manage your files from any computer through a secure connection. You can use the intuitive file manager to view your fileservers, upload multiple files at once, move, copy and rename files, preview photos, and share files with FileLink.

The online dashboard puts you in control with reporting and tracking information about access and installations of your fileservers, activation of Theftguard and even allows you to track a stolen or lost computer on Google Maps.

To access the online dashboard, including Theftguard, simply go to

Limitless Collaboration

With Nomadesk, files are always up-to-date and available to team members whether they are online or offline. Nomadesk automatically synchronizes and updates the files on the cloud server and across the local servers of the team members. Different size teams are required for different size jobs; you can invite as few or as many members to team fileservers as you need at no extra cost.

FileLink, FolderLink

FileLink and FolderLink offer an easy and secure way of sharing files with people who do not have access to your Fileserver. It’s like a simplified FTP service.  Sending a link to a file or folder on your secure server is a safer method than sending attachments and eliminates the worry of sending files too large for mailbox limits. FileLink and FolderLink can be used by anyone and requires no software to be installed to access the files. You control how long the file or folder is available for access and can be notified when the file has been downloaded.


The Nomadesk “Embed in your site” option for folders allows you to create a widget for your web site or blog. The widget can be used to share the contents of any folder on your Team Fileserver. There is also an option to allow users to upload files to your folder and syncs the new files to your fileserver.

Safe and Secure

Your files are important to you and many can be confidential. With Nomadesk, you can be confident no one will have access to your critical files unless you authorize them.

Double the Security

Nomadesk doubles your security by encrypting your files locally and backing them up in the cloud. When the Nomadesk dashboard is closed, your fileservers are invisible and protected by 256-bit encryption. When the Nomadesk dashboard is launched, your password-protected fileservers appear, ready to be accessed like a local drive. Your files are stored on a secure server in the cloud and can only be accessed through a registered Nomadesk dashboard. Download the Nomadesk Security Statement for more information about security.


Theft or loss of a computer is stressful enough without having to worry about someone accessing your critical data. Each Nomadesk dashboard has a unique serial number, which allows you to track access to your server. In the event your computer is lost or stolen you can remotely “shred” the files on the lost computer as soon as someone tries to access them. The tracking even allows you to locate your lost mobile device on Google Maps.






Password protected, encrypted virtual drive Keep your files safely available online and offline on your PC or Mac
Theftguard Remotely shred the virtual drive on your PC or Mac in case of loss or theft
Unlimited Cloud Storage† Automatically store copies of your files on the Nomadesk servers
Backup And Restore *New* View and restore backup versions of files up to 14 days back
Synchronize an unlimited number of computers
up to 3 computers
Keep your files in sync on multiple computers (PC or Mac)
Unlimited Guest Access Invite guests to a Fileserver
Access Settings Control the access permissions to your team Fileserver
File Revisions/Snapshots *New* Create an unlimited number of manual “snapshots”
FileLink Send a public link to a file and share; a simplified FTP-like service
FileLink for Outlook® *New* Add-in to convert attachments to FileLinks
FolderLink Send a public link to an entire folder and share; a simplified FTP-like service
Folder Widget Publish folder contents on your website or blog
Search *New* Search through your Fileserver
Email2Folder Add files to your Fileserver via email
... Access your files and manage your Fileservers from any browser Access your files and manage your Fileservers from any Smartphone
(iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)
Email (CET and PST office hours) Try them both now and decide which one is best for you during the two week free trial.
Chat (CET and PST office hours)
Phone (CET and PST office hours)

Protect Files

100% Secure.
Encryption + Theftguard

Your files are securely stored with military grade protection and can be remotely deleted in the event of a lost or stolen computer.

Mobile Access

Access your files from anywhere, anytime

Using Windows, Mac, Internet browser, mobile web, and 5 mobile apps, you can always access your files.

Synchronize Files

Easily Synchronize your computers and mobile devices

Automatically synchronize all your files across multiple computers.

Share Files


Share your files with people in or outside your team.

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