MyOtherDrive 2GB free online storage and  Backup all your computers from one account.  Don’t be fooled by services that claim to offer unlimited storage, but limit you to backing up your data from one computer! These services come with a huge hidden cost = subscription price times number of computers to backup! With MyOtherDrive purchase one account and backup more than one computer (including network shares). Each computer keeps it’s own separate schedule, and what files to backup. Multiple computer backup.

We have not yet tried MyOtherDrive so we can’t comment on ease of use, etc. but their pricing is fantastic (see below) and they offer some great features.

Pricing is exceptional:

  • 2GB is free
  • 100GB is $55/year
  • 500GB is $110/year
  • 1,000GB (1TB) is just $240/year

What can we do for you?

Why choose us?

Automatic (Unattended) or Manual Backup

Rest comfortably knowing that MyOtherDrive offers Unattended Backup ‘Set it and Forget it’ to protect your data. Set up the folders to backup, the schedule, and our software will automatically copy new and changed files to their respective MOD (MyOtherDrive) folders. No ‘setup.exe’ download and install needed. Click here for more details on unattended backup.

Collaboration (Public, Friend, and Password based Sharing)

Want to share your photos or files with a small group, but do not want to risk them getting ‘out on the Internet’? MOD offers Public Sharing(anyone can access), Friend-based Sharing (you control the access via permissions), and Password-based Sharing (you control access via passwords). You can share HTML Folder views (includes a comments section), HTML file view (also includes a comments section), direct link(s) to file(s), or direct links to smaller thumbnail sizes of the file (if an image type). When others access the shared content, if it is not publicly shared, they will be required to enter a password that you created (password based sharing), or they will be required to log in (permission based sharing). You can mix and match all three types of sharing (access control). Click here to learn more about collaboration.


Want to back up your personal or sensitive data? No problem, mark a folder as encrypted, and all files uploaded to it will be AES 128-bit encrypted. No one but you (yes, not even MyOtherDrive employees) can access your encrypted files. Encryption is performed on the client before the file is sent to the server. Click here for more details on encryption.

MyOtherDrive uses HTTPS (SSL) connections, ensuring that sign-in, subscription purchasing, and all data transfers are done via an encrypted connection, keeping your information secure.

Drag and Drop Upload

Drag files and folders from your Desktop, the Windows Explorer, or other applications and drop them on the MyOtherDrive desktop. Click ‘Start’ to upload. It’s that easy. Learn more.

Postal Backup (Mail in that USB drive!)

There’s a saying in the IT world, “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon.” There is a lot of truth to that. If you have a large (500GB…1500GB…?) USB drive, NAS, or other medium you would like to have backed up to MyOtherDrive quickly, you can mail it to us. The initial backup on any online storage service is lengthy, however, the subsequent ‘delta’ backups go very fast. (There is no charge other than return shipping cost). Send us a note via Contact Us to get the ball rolling. (3GB minimum).

Backup (Archive) and Synchronize

MyOtherDrive offers both ‘archival’ and ‘synchronized’ backups, including mixing them both. With our new Backup Map feature, you can set what type of backup you want (archival or synchronize), per each Backup Map. Want part of your backup to be archival (additive backup) and another part to be synchronized? Just mark which way you want each Backup Map to be sent.

Import from other Online Storage Services

Import your files from other online storage services. Are you thinking of moving away from your current online storage service but think the task is daunting? Use our Import feature to bring your files over in one step. Click here for more details on importing files from other online storage services.

Public Sharing

Have some cool videos or pictures you would like to share with Everyone on the Internet, including letting the Search Engines index them? Then you can select a folder, mark it as shared publicly, and anyone who gets a link to that folder can view it. You can share an entire folder (album) or just a single file.

Secure Links

Have a single media file that you would like to share with others, but only want them to see it? Similar to our Private Sharing feature, you can create a protected link – the receiver of the link must enter enter their user name and password – and then they can ‘Save As’ the file that the link references. Anyone else that tries to open the link will not be able to (only members that you gave access to). More information about secure links.

File Linking

Our Public and Private Sharing allow you to share nice looking web pages of files and folders. Sometimes you only want to link to the file. MyOtherDrive allows you to link to pictures of a product for an online auction like eBay. You can link to any of the files in your account. More information about linking.

Online Albums

When you upload photos, a thumbnail and screen size image are generated for you. Our file management application and web pages display nice looking photo albums where the person you share photos with can view the thumbnails and then click on the photo to see a larger ‘screen size’ image. You control whether the viewer of your online album can download the original photo. This is especially useful for photographers, who may want payment before providing download access to their proofs. Check out this example photo album.

Move and Copy Folders and Files between accounts

Looking at some cool videos that are shared in one of your friends folders? If they gave you ‘download’ access, then you can use our Move or Copy options to copy the files to your account. This avoids the slow and cumbersome download to your computer, and then upload back into your account. This is a super-fast way to move content between accounts because the work is done on our servers.

Grab File

Have a cool video link that you would like to bring over to your MyOtherDrive account? Use our Grab File feature to copy the file to your MyOtherDrive account. This features allows you to copy files directly into your account from anywhere on the web!

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