gladinet cloud storage, backup and syncGladinet provides cloud storage related solutions with backup, access, sync, integration, connect, identity & control management.

Gladinet Cloud Desktop:  Access cloud storage like a local drive

Backup files, folders and email to any cloud storage service
Sync data across multiple computers using any cloud storage
Secure your cloud storage with military grade encryption

Backup, Access and Sync from the Convenience of Your Desktop

Gladinet Cloud Server: Attach Cloud storage to your file server

Protect your file, database and mail server with cloud backup
Access cloud storage using CIFS/NFS with AD integration
Securely access your file server anywhere with Gladinet Cloud

Enjoy Cloud Storage Without Changing IT Infrastructure

Gladinet Cloud for Teams

  • Attach local folders for instant, anywhere access in the cloud Offsite backup of important data to the cloud
  • Share folders and set access permissions with team Access cloud storage with local drive and web browser
  • Automatically create user home directories in the cloud Include default cloud storage
  • Centrally manage user identities and access Plug-in your own cloud storage account as well
  • Document Sharing, Anywhere Access and Live Backup Solution with Cloud Storage
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