storsimple enterprise cloud storageStorSimple is the leader in Enterprise Cloud Storage for Windows and VMware infrastructures. StorSimple has uniquely achieved the most stringent “Certified for Windows Server 2008” level of certification and also VMware Ready status. StorSimple is the Microsoft BizSpark Partner of the Year and a Silver award winner in Storage Magazine’s Products of the Year.

StorSimple securely and transparently integrates the cloud into on-premises applications and offers a single appliance that delivers high-performance tiered storage, live archiving, cloud based data protection and disaster recovery, reducing cost by up to 80 percent compared to traditional enterprise storage.

StorSimple is the only company that delivers an enterprise cloud storage appliance certified by both Microsoft and VMware. The appliance delivers automatically tiered primary storage, cloud archival, cloud data protection and cloud disaster recovery in one box. StorSimple is installed in ten minutes, requires no changes to on-premises applications and reduces storage infrastructure costs by up to 80%.
The StorSimple series of appliances offers the following benefits for Enterprise and Mid-Sized companies:

Enterprise Class Storage
The StorSimple appliance offers enterprise class high-availability with fully redundant disk controllers, power supplies, network connections and no single point of failure. It also supports non-disruptive software upgrades.
Military Grade Security
All data stored in the cloud has military grade encryption applied to it. The encryption key is never given to StorSimple or the cloud vendor ensuring complete data privacy with requirements as stringent as HIPAA.
Solid State Disk Performance with the Cloud Elasticity and Economics
Applications get local SSD performance with the elasticity of the cloud through automatic tiering based on a BlockRankTM algorithm that does for blocks of content what Page Rank does for Google.
Instant Thin Provisioning of Massive Live Archives
Instantly and thinly provision massive archive volumes with live access and cloud economics. Automatic tiering moves older blocks to the cloud with out the need for complex archival procedures.
Fast Backup and Near Instant Restore Using the Cloud
Incremental, on appliance deduplicated snapshots reduce storage requirements by over 90% while delivering instant snapshot and restore technology in seconds as opposed to days. Cloud Snapshots offer the offsite data protection of the cloud. It is now simple and cost-effective to retain as many snapshots as you want – No more 30, 60 or 90 day limit
Fast Multi-Location Disaster Recovery without Tape
Backups made to the cloud can be recovered to the same location or a different location. Disaster Recovery is now as fast and simple as mounting a volume. Now you can replace tape and not have to double your infrastructure investment.
One Box Means Simple Integrated Management
Separate primary storage, archival, backup/restore and Disaster Recovery hardware means multiple separate management consoles. Now one integrated console makes it dramatically simpler to manage the whole storage infrastructure freeing up people from spending their time moving data from device to device to more value-add activities.
Application Optimized Storage and Data Protection
Application optimized, volumes for Windows File Shares, VMware libraries, SharePoint and Exchange. Full support for VSS application consistent snapshots is provided.
Reduce Costs by up to 80%
Integrating multiple storage devices into one simple to manage enterprise cloud storage appliance slashes infrastructure costs, energy consumption and rack space requirements. Storage capacity silos are replaced by one elastic storage pool with consistent deduplication and integrated cloud high-availability

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