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Now Time Machine Runs on Your Schedule thanks to Dolly Drive- Version 1.6  Dolly

New Dolly Drive Scheduler gives even more control to Time Machine backups to the cloud. Cirrus Thinking continues its flurry of adding new functionality to the Dolly Drive application with the version 1.6 scheduler which adds the ability to change hourly backup frequency, the ability to skip a set time during Time Machine backups, and the ability to set a start time and end time.

Cirrus Thinking, makes of the award winning Dolly Drive cloud storage for Mac has released version 1.6 which adds increased functionality for scheduling Time Machine backups. Dolly Drive users now gain the ability to change the frequency of hourly Time Machine Backup, and skip a set time during Time Machine Backup, and set a Start Time and End Time.

“The increased scheduling functionality and control within the Dolly Drive 1.6 upgrade answers the need of many of our earliest adopters” said Mark Ross, Director of Client Services. “Since day one we’ve been committed to continuing to improve the Time Machine experience online and our advanced controls within the scheduler have already been a huge crowd pleaser. Our users asked, and we responded, to how they want to use Dolly Drive.”

The hourly backup scheduler can be used to set your Time Machine backups to an hourly interval that you select.

You can also choose an allotted time in which you allow your scheduled Time Machine backups to skip. This allows you to use your peak internet hours for streaming movies, using skype, or browsing the internet.

Back-up Daily in this time period

You can also select back-ups to skip between hours you select as heavy usage. This functionality allows you to skip back-ups during peak internet usage.

Skip Back-ups


The Dolly Drive Scheduler gives the users the ability to backup according to the other demands on the network. This, combined with the speed control, provide the Dolly Drive users with the ultimate control over the backup environment and system resources.

Version 1.6 upgrades are available for all Dolly Drive subscribers and will be included in all new Dolly Drive subscriptions beginning Tuesday, November 15.

Dolly Drive is a subscription software and online storage service designed for Apple’s Time Machine. In addition to providing Mac users offsite cloud storage directly through the Time Machine application, the application allows users to create a bootable clone of their Mac on an external hard drive for local disaster recovery. It works with Apple’s Lion and Snow Leopard platforms.

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