storegate online backupStoregate is your very own Internet hard drive which makes it easy, efficient, and secure for you to store, access, share and protect all type of digital information that you have in your computer, mobile phone or digital camera.

Online Hard Drive store, access, share all your digital pictures, music files, e-mail etc.
Online Backup we handle your backup, automatically, every day.
Mobile access to all your files on Storegate via Android and iOS.

Access your files from any computer, anytime, anywhere.
Share selected files, folders and web albums with family and friends.
Web album create online photo albums and share with family and friends.

Mobile access use your mobile phone to access your storage area.
Security digital security for you, your computer and mobile.
Information about end user agreement, payment options and prices.

We believe that in the future, nobody will store their digital information locally.

Business idea
Our business idea is to offer an external hard drive to corporate as well as private customers and thereby enable them to store, access and distribute digital information in a secure, comfortable, and cost efficient manner.

– Digital information means all documents, images, photos, directories, software, and other data that you keep in your computer, mobile phone, digital camera and so forth.

– Secure means that all information is transferred in an encrypted format and is stored in duplicated system in server halls with a 3 class security level.

– Comfortable means that the user is able to store as well as access information at any time, from any where, in the easiest way possible.

– Cost efficient means that the customers experience our service as worth its price and that they get a credit value that they can’t get with a local solution.

One concept several services
Even today, Storegate’s concept includes several services and functions. Since our strategy is to offer storage for all type of information at one place, we will be able to offer a great a number of more services over time.

In-house development
Storegate has its own department for technology and application development with expert knowledge on building secure and reliable software.

Secure storage
All information is stored in a highly professional environment. The server center is licensed on the highest level concerning trespassing, fire-protection and electricity supply. All components in the system are duplicated and have no tolerance towards errors. Safety backup copying is carried out continuously on two different media.

Stored information is not accessible to anyone else than the person that has implemented the storage and has access to username and password. Storegate uses https-encrypted login authorization, meaning that both username and password are encrypted and cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons.

All direct data transfer (e-mail not included) is executed through so-called SSL over the Internet, which is one of today’s safest transfer methods.

Storegate AB
Storegates services are offered by partners in Sweden, the United States and in Great Britain. The service is also distributed in several other markets abroad through partner channels online. Storegates headquarter is based in Karlshamn in the southern part of Sweden. The sales office are based in Stockholm and minor parts of the development is based in Karlskrona.

Storegate AB
Netport Science Park
Pirgatan 13
374 35 Karlshamn

Phone: +46 (0) 454-55666

Contact Storegate

Support Cases

Billing Issues

Board of Directors
Storegate AB is represented by Petter Vingstrand, Chairman (T-bolaget), Erik Gabrielsson (Advokatfirman Vinge), Per-Ola Clemedtsson (Sparbanken i Karlshamns Näringslivsstiftelse), Johan Englund (Industrifonden), Matz Karlsson (Storegate AB) and Bertil Hedén (Storegate AB).

Storegate is owned by, in addition to senior management, the Swedish state founded Industrifonden, venture capital firm T-bolaget and Servisen and Sparbanken in Karlshamn Enterprise Foundation.

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