syncriendSyncfriend is a smart phonebook for all phones


Sync and a backup your phonebook
Ever lost your phone and all contacts with it? Or got a new phone wondering how to transfer the phonebook? With Syncfriend you have safe backup in the cloud whatever happens. We support iPhone/iPad, Android, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Samsung, SonyEricsson, PC, Mac and more. How it works and phones we support.
Connect with friends
A smart self-updating phonebook
Whenever your friends update their details, you get them automatically, they get yours too. How it works
Outlook sync in the cloud
We offer a free plug-in for Outlook 2007/10 that indirectly also syncs with your device in the cloud, also handles duplicates as below. Read more and download.
There is more…
Get rid of any duplicates! Every time you sync your phone, we check for and remove any identical duplicates automatically. How it works
Calendar sync
We also support calendar sync
Web SMS (beta)



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