Backup112 - Cloud BackupBackup112 provides an automated and unattended backup service ensuring that data held on desktops, laptops, physical and virtual machines, and application / database servers is securely backed up and transferred off-site to be stored, encrypted in Backup112’s data center.

Our agentless backup and recovery solution eliminates server disruptions and minimizes maintenance windows.

Please don´t hesitate to ask for a scheduled call back, or for more information. We will be happy to assist you with our services.

Our cloud backup services in more detail:
Backup112 client software needs to be installed on a physical or virtual server as a standalone or in an on-demand grid within the customers LAN. Using standard APIs, the Backup112 client captures requested data within the LAN and securely transfers it to the Backup112 data center.
Backed up data is transferred encrypted (FIPS 140-2 certified) from the central site, laptops and remote sites (Remote Offices/Branch Offices – ROBO) to Backup112’s Data Center.
Utilizing the concept of incremental forever, Backup112 leverages block-level deduplication and compression to transfer only changed data from customer’s Central/ROBO to Backup112’s data Center.
Bandwidth throttling enables bandwidth optimization and backups even in cases where certain remote locations might suffer from low connection speeds.
Backup112 provides an easy to use interface that simplifies the backup and recovery process and provides detailed information about scheduled operations.
Centralized configuration of the Backup112 client enables a network administrator/IT manager to specify exactly what data is to be backed up ensuring investment is not wasted by backing up unauthorized or unnecessary information.
A user-defined number of backup versions of files are retained on disk for immediate recovery.
Service is remotely monitored by Backup112 staff, and alerts are provided if scheduled backups are not completed or errors occur.
Disk to Disk solution enables backed up data to be easily recovered without the need to locate and identify backup tapes.
Customers can perform regular recoveries, allowing them to test the integrity of their data at any time.
In the event of a major customer site Disaster a portable storage media is delivered to the customer site, to a specified Disaster Recovery site or a restore to virtual environments is done at the Backup112’s facility with terminal access.
The Backup112 client can be configured with a local storage option for fast recoveries purposes. In this case if a recovery is needed, data stored locally can be quickly retrieved at LAN speed, without connecting through the IP WAN to the Backup112 cloud. Local storage can be configured for specific backup sets, especially ones containing critical data.

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