SugarSync and SanDisk Help You Manage Your Android’s Memory

You love your Android device (hey, so do we), but as with all mobile devices, the memory is limited. And let’s face it – managing the memory on our mobile devices is a pain. But what if you had an easy way to get stuff on and off your Android device – with the ability to transfer to and from both the Cloud and your Android’s memory card – for free?

With SanDisk’s Memory Zone app, you can do just that. The SanDisk Memory Zone app is integrated with SugarSync’s Cloud service, giving you the ability to transfer your files, photos, music, movies and more from your Android’s memory card to your SugarSync Cloud account. This instantly frees up space on your device while still giving you access to your stuff via the Cloud, even after you’ve removed it from your device.

Even if you’re already using SugarSync’s Android app, installing and using the SanDisk Memory Zone app does provide some additional benefit, too.  For example, the SanDisk Memory Zone app enables you to schedule regular backups of your Android device – so you can automatically set up a weekly backup and rest assured that all the data on your Android device is being backed up. Also, the Memory Zone app gives you the ability to backup all of the contacts from your Android device to SugarSync – so even if your device is lost, your contacts are safe in the SugarSync Cloud.

In addition to just backing up your device to SugarSync, the SanDisk Memory Zone app also helps you free up space on your device when needed. Say you are taking a trip and your memory is just about full of photos, you can use Memory Zone to transfer those photos to SugarSync and now have lots of room for more photos.  While you’re at it you can use SugarSync to put some music from your PC’s music library onto your Android device so that you can listen to them while you’re on the plane.

With the SanDisk Memory Zone app and SugarSync, you can see both your local and Cloud memory in one place.

You can also see what type of files are taking up the most space on your device, and decide what you want to backup to SugarSync by file type.

So go ahead, download the SanDisk Memory Zone app for FREE for your Android device today in the Android Market, and see how SanDisk and SugarSync make managing the memory on your Android device even sweeter!

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