SugarSync Shared Folders: Now With Instant Notifications

sugarsync Best Online Backup CompaniesSugarSync, one of the best online sync and backup companies we’ve ever reviewed, just launched their latest version of their software, which delivers instant notifications to your desktop when folder members add, delete, or modify items in the shared folder. This is the easiest way to know in real-time when changes get made, and it makes collaboration and sharing even simpler.

For example, when a co-worker modifies a presentation in a shared folder, you are instantly notified on your desktop. Similarly, when you add photos from the office holiday party to a shared folder, members of that shared folder are instantly notified that the photos have been added. You don’t have to keep checking the folder manually to see if changes have been made.

sugarsync folder share

Accessing the shared folder from a desktop notification is super easy. All you have to do is click on the desktop notification, and the shared folder is immediately opened on your PC or Mac if you have synced the folder locally. If you have not synced the folder locally, you are taken directly to the shared folder in the SugarSync Web application.

For those of you who use shared folders, we know that shared folder desktop notifications will improve how you collaborate – whether it is with clients, coworkers, friends or family. If you haven’t used SugarSync to share a folder yet, what are you waiting for?

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