BackBlaze Welcomes Backify Customers

Drama tends to be reserved for reality TV. Or sometimes for Valleywag.

But the last couple of days there has been some drama in the backup space.

About a month ago, “Backify” launched an online backup service claiming to offer 512 GB for free. That surprised me and others and I was curious as to how they could offer that. Well in the last two days the answer came back as “they couldn’t”.

As it turns out, Backify was reselling a another service called LiveDrive. That company sent an email to all Backify customers claiming Backify was being fraudulent. Backify sent an email to their customers saying LiveDrive’s service was broken. Unclear what actually happened, but bad for customers backing up their data regardless.

Lifehacker includes both emails here: “You Should Probably Stop Using Backify

This morning, the Backify homepage changed to say: “Backify is no longer in service”. The company suggests users try Backblaze for unlimited storage for data backups.

backify shuts down, refers customers to backblaze

We very much appreciate the recommendation and are happy to welcome all Backify customers who wish to protect their data with online backup. While Backify pitched a free service, Backblaze online backup does have a fee. We are $5/month, $50/year, or $95/two years (i.e. $3.96/month). For this, Backblaze provides automatic, unlimited backup with unlimited storage and unthrottled bandwidth.

Backify customers can try Backblaze free and get 10% off when buying:
* Download the free two-week trial at
* Use code “backify” by Nov 28, 2011 to get 10% off your initial purchase.

We hope that we can pick up your online backup needs where Backify left off, and as we are unlimited and unthrottled, we can get you backed up and protected quickly!

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