Online Backup Services - Secure Backups Solutions - Remote Data Backups | SafebergSafeberg is a data security company. They’re paranoid about your data security.  Their clients include professionals with responsibility for safeguarding client data and individuals with a heightened awareness of the risks posed to privacy.

They developed a model for online backup that would meet their own standards for ultimate security, which includes both ultimate reliability and ultimate privacy. That’s how Safeberg Backup and the Paper Key came about.

They do not believe ‘unlimited data storage’ is a valid or even honest proposition. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

They operate a business based on transparency, open source software, reasonable pricing and friendly service.

Safeberg BV is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Safeberg offers 2 GB of free lifetime backup.  5 GB is 19 Euros/year, 10 GB is 29 Euros, etc… Full pricing information is as follows:

Safeberg  Online Backup Services - Secure Backups Solutions - Remote Data Backups

Why backup?

  • Keep your memories, contacts and valuable documents
  • Protect your data against crash, theft, loss, or fire
  • Be relaxed

Secure for Pro’s

Are you a doctor, notary, or attorney? Do you keep confidential client data? We designed Safeberg security with professionals in mind.

100% Automatic

Safeberg backup software works in the background, automatically. No backup schedules, no jobs to start. You’re simply always backed up.

Security – PC Online Backup – PC Files and Folders Secure Backup Online

100% privacy and reliability

You want a trustworthy backup of you files, in case something happens to your computer. Online backup is the best solution. Safeberg Backup offers the best privacy warranty with its unique key on paper technology.

4x Double reliable storage

You would like to be sure that your backup is available when you need it.

Read more about
reliable storage

Paper key

When you choose ultimate security, you can print your key onto paper.

    • Out of reach for hackers
    • Readable by means of a photo or a scan
    • Easy to store
    • Only works in combination with a password


Read more about the key on paper

100% Privacy

How is this possible?

    • files are encrypted in advance
    • Safer than standards for national security
    • Keys on paper are unreachable for hackers
    • Even encryption of file names etc.

Read more about privacy

Here’s how easy it is to restore your data with Safeberg:

A paper key?- how to restore files after your computer crashed from Safeberg | Online backup. Ultima on Vimeo.


Why backup online?

With online backup, your data is secured at all times, which is not the case with normal backup programs.

Certainty, is one of the many benefits that online backups can offer you. They can ensure you that your personal and important files are safe anytime and anywhere.

Automatic backup makes it possible to restore lost data on any computer at any given time. There are no restrictions to how often this happens and it is, therefore, completely optional.

Apart from the benefits that are mentioned above, online backups are:

  • Beneficial: they do not require expensive hardware investments
  • Secure: files are stored at well protected data centres

Why Safeberg?

Safeberg is a new and advanced backup system that promises many benefits for your data and your future. With its new way of securing data, Safeberg is:

  • Even safer: uses unique double encryption technology in combination with a Trusted Paper Key. It also utilizes a SSL certified connection
  • Quick: just saves changes rather than complete files
  • Simple: only requires an internet connection to work
  • Privacy focused: no one but you has access to your files
  • Unique: only backup program that can make backups automatically and continuously. Even offers to backup your Outlook files


Safeberg also has:

  • Large quantity storage space: storage space up to 800GB
  • Double data storage: the data centres are located in two different places in the world
  • Little space requirements: when data is compressed, more space will remain available

Ultimate privacy

Safeberg is developed with only one question in mind: how can we guarantee privacy? First, we chose to use an extremely safe key for the encryption of files. Afterwards, the question that played a major role in our development process arose: who is going to store this key? Not us (unless you wish us to). Storing your key on a computer is not a wise thing to do either, due to its vulnerability. So we came up with the ‘Key on Paper’.

Through this, Safeberg Backup offers the best guarantee for your privacy.

Nothing leaves your computer unsafe

Safeberg Backup encrypts every single file before it is sent to our protected servers. As such, your data is sent to Safeberg in an extremely safe way.

We are not capable of looking through your files. Safeberg can only see encrypted files. To illustrate this, an encrypted letter, photo, or e-mail looks like this:

Example of an encrypted file:
wQxc 25NY Wd$g G2Qb xDkp QPXe nQqQ p6Kf jz4G P84S
VfVU NBEK rDHQ mygs MkgF Ewqi cJsb D8tp PaBF ZPXG
Ug9M YnXi hhi7 Rnz4 ZisT DEEu paVh 3jS$ Wv3q Pp13
w6R4 73sz qb9f auKy N6Wf PyH2 tFpY YbMD ZGaU ZGms

These codes are of no use to us or to others. To leave no room for mistakes, we have raised the security level by setting norms that are higher than those that are usually used by banks and for national security (See also: encryption technology).

No key on your computer

You have two keys. Your files are encrypted by a key on your computer. However, your files can not be deciphered with this key. This is only possible with an other key, the ‘Key on Paper’.

You are the only one with a key

In case you need to restore your data, you will have to make use of your paper key. Without it, you will not be able to restore your data. Safeberg does not have access to your key or files.

Key and password required

Giving your key to someone else for you to keep does not mean that this person will have access to your files. In order to access your files, both your key and your Safeberg password are necessary. If you have lost your password, you can send a request to receive it by e-mail.

100% Privacy

To guarantee an ultimate level of privacy, we apply security measures to each element of each file. As such, it is not just the content that is encrypted, but filenames, filepaths, and the size of these files are encrypted as well.

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Safeberg Backup offers ultimate privacy through the use of a unique system that safeguards the secrecy of keys and through the use of proven encryption technology.

Open technology

We are very open about the encryption technology we use. Why? The safety of a solid encryption system is based on the secrecy of the key, rather than on the secrecy of the technology. By sharing our technology, we provide security specialists with the opportunity to thoroughly investigate it and test its safety.

Three rules for the use of keys

In order to obtain 100% privacy, we have established three rules for the use of encryption keys.

A key with which backup information is decoded should not be saved:

  • alongside stored data (obviously)
  • by the organisation which stores these files (due to privacy considerations)
  • within the system in which the original data of the backup is stored (to prevent the key from being stolen and to prevent the key from being unavailable if the system goes down)

To be able to live up to our own rules, we have developed the Offline Private Key Protocol (see OPKP on Wikipedia). In order to increase the ease with which a large Offline Private Key is stored, we have come up with the Safeberg Key on Paper for our user.

Implementation with proven technology

During the development of Safeberg Backup we have chosen for the most solid and mathematically proven solutions:

  • 192 bits AES in CFB mode (symmetric) encryption of files
  • frequent change of file keys at random intervals
  • 4096 bits RSA (asymmetric) encryption (key wrapping) of file keys
  • seeding of symmetric AES keys with network entropy
  • optimal key padding (Optimal Asymmetric Encryption Padding, OAEP)
  • advanced PRNG’s
  • 256 bits SSL for access to account data on website
  • no permanent storage of local password on client (optional)
  • offline generation of a public/private key set on a separate secure offline system (optional)
  • offline storage of private key (optional) onto paper or digitally
  • secure client/server communication with challenge/response and salting
  • client/server communication via 256 bits https
  • encryption of file names, file paths and file sizes
  • incremental backup based on comparison of file attributed hashes
  • restored data available after verification of private key (without the private key leaving the local system)
  • signed updates on Safeberg Backup software
  • 100% open source code (available upon request)

Norms for national security

Safeberg Backup meets the norms for defined security until 2038 as are mentioned below:

See also:
–    Safeberg Key on Paper
–    Ultimate Privacy


Online File Back Up – Continuous Backup Online – Backup Files

Prevent dataloss with Safeberg Online Backup. Safe, simple and affordable.

Safeberg offers:

  • Software in 2 languages
  • 100% automatic backup
  • Continuous backup
  • 2 GB Free trial for life
  • Free personal key on paper
    for ultimate security

Safeberg makes backups of:

  • All types of files
  • 1 to 800 GB storage
  • 6MB/second backup speed
  • Unlimited file size
  • Outlook e-mail backup
  • Backup of open files


Compare Safeberg with other providers

Backup connect Mozy Diino Safeberg
Starting from (per year) $60
Free Version No No No Yes No Yes
Maximum storage * * 10GB * * 800GB
Automatic backup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Open / Locked file support No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Continuous backup Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Asymmetric key for ultimate safety No No No No No Yes
Key on paper (optional) No No No No No Yes
Little impact on the speed of your computer Yes No No No No Yes
Backup of outlook e-mail No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multilingual software Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Encrypted filenames No No No No No Yes
Encrypted file paths No No No No No Yes
Two factor authentication Yes No No Yes No Yes


* Some online backup providers promise ‘unlimited’ backup capacity. In reality or in their terms of service, however, the ‘unlimited’ is limited. Some providers apply arbitrary capacity limits (“do not backup your entire harddisk”). Some may contact you to ask what you’re doing. Some may reduce backup speed after a set capacity threshold. There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

Top speed

All your files can quickly be secured with Safeberg Backup. Safeberg works with any type of internet connection. Backups are made completely automatically, so that you will not experience any inconvenience. The benefits of Safeberg:

  • 2GB to 800GB
  • Appropriate for all speeds
  • 25GB in less than 2 hours
  • Operating smoothly

1GB to 800GB

The data on your harddisk increases each day. A large part of the content is probably ‘valuable’ or ‘business-critical’: photos, videos, e-mails, and important documents. For these files, a backup at a different location is the best solution.

However, the more data you need to make a back up of, the longer it takes…Safeberg Backup has been designed from the start to secure all your important data at a maximum speed. As such, your files will be safe quickly.

Appropriate for all speeds

Safeberg Backup is optimalized for all types of network speeds. Safeberg Backup functions efficiently from 512 Kb (ADSL or cable) to 100 Mb (Fibreglass).

25 GB in less than 2 hours

Let us say: you have 25GB of data on your harddisk. With an ADSL connection of 1.5 Mb upload, it will take less than 2 days to finalize a backup. With a speed of 100 Mb (e.g. Fibreglass) the backup will take less than 2 hours.

Operating smoothly

Safeberg operates automatically in the background of your computer, which means that you can keep working without experiencing any hindrance from the backup process. Even at high levels of speed you will not notice much of the backup process. It’s just your harddisk that is busy.

When the level of speed becomes too high, Safeberg will control this automatically.

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