iKeepinCloud is an online storage solution developed by Ikoula which you can use to save all of your information (documents, photos, music, applications...) on a dedicated, secure space in the Cloud.iKeepinCloud is an online storage solution developed by Ikoula which you can use to save all of your information (documents, photos, music, applications…) on a dedicated, secure space in the Cloud.

You can access your files via different protocols from any type of device: a laptop computer, office computer, smartphone, web server or even a touchscreen tablet.

With the web interface developed by Ikoula, document management becomes child’s play. In just a few clicks, you can create, rename, move, download and share an incalculable number of files.

Create folders and organize your documents as you see fit

Download any type of file and consult your files whenever you wish

Easy downloads of heavy files or files in a specific format

Ideal when you want to upload/download several files at the same time

Invite colleagues and share only the applications you wish to share

Easily duplicate a file or folder to a different location

With iKeepinCloud, you can share your data with anyone you choose, whenever you like. The public directory allows your colleagues, your family or friends to view content from one or several document(s) for a period of time determined by you.

On your web interface or through a software program, click on the “Public” folder

Log in under HTTP to your public directory through the URL provided by Ikoula

Add the different documents that you’d like to share with your colleagues

A list of documents previously added will be displayed. All you have to do now is send the directory URL to your colleagues

View the tutorial for using the public directory

To find your document, you do not have to specify the full wording. A keyword is enough for the system to retrieve all the applications that belong it. You can also type the extension of a file and you will have a list of all the correspondents.

Icons located next to your documents facilitate different operations. You can thus edit a file (if it is in text format), download it, rename it or delete it. The download icon will automatically transform your folders/files to ZIP format

By moving your pointer over your file, you can get a quick overview of its content. You can also personalize overview information for your documents by indicating, for example, file size, date created/uploaded, date of last modification…

To save you time and get the most out of download operations, iKeepinCloud provides an option to upload several files at the same time. This practical option allows you to create a folder in just a few clicks. The multi-file upload and download mode may vary depending on the protocol used

You have the option to view statistics for your disk space (amount used, amount available, number of files) and change your password on a specific interface. You can also find usage information directly on your iKeepinCloud web space.

WebDAV (Web enabled Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is an http protocol extension that allows you to manage directories and resources between a remote web server and a client. Natively integrated into most PC, Mac OS and Linux systems, WebDav allows you to quickly and easily retrieve and publish files. The main objective of WebDAV is to enable editing, and not just reading, data through the web.

WebDAV’s advantages include:

  • use of the http protocol, which easily passes through NAT routers and firewalls.
  • simple transport security through the use of the https protocol, which encripts the content of data being exchanged
  • transparent integration into all products that support WebDAV

With WebDAV, you can choose between three types of access. You can consult and store your files:

  • through a simple web browser in http(s) which will redirect you to an interface developed by Ikoula, xxxxx.ikeepincloud.com
  • through a client access, or software program, that allows you to connect directly to a particular space on a server. This runs under PC, Mac OS and Linux systems.
  • through the console natively integrated with Windows, Linux and Mac OS

Log in to your iKeepinCloud space using 5 of the most well-known protocols. Our solution is thus compatible with almost all software programs, which facilitates access to your documents.

  • WebDAV (HTTP and HTTPS) via programs such as Cyberduck, Nautilus…
  • FTP and FTPS via programs such as FileZilla, FireFTP…
  • SFTP over SSH via programs such as Cygwin, BareFTP…

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Immediate access to your files from any device: at the office, at home or even while you’re in transit. You won’t have to carry around disks, removable memory devices or send emails with important files any more. iKeepinCloud provides you with independent, secure storage space that is accessible 24/7 from wherever you are!

  • Unlimited storage
  • Accessible from all types of devices
  • Sustainability guaranteed

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Dozens of mobile applications are available to help you store and consult your files from anywhere at any time. Get the most out of your Smartphone, Android or even iPad with these applications, which are easy to use and for the most part free.

  • Over 10 applications are compatible with WebDAV
  • Mobility guaranteed, enjoy complete freedom
  • For all types of mobiles

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We have several articles you can read to better understand how to use different libraries with your scripts/programmes to interact with your iKeepinCloud storage space via the WebDAV protocol.

  • Several languages are supported (Python, Perl, PHP…)
  • Reach thousands of users, thanks to the portability of WebDAV on all computers
  • Applications for a specific use (Photos…)

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Based on the very famous WebDAV protocol, the interface was developed to facilitate navigation between documents. You can therefore directly manage your files through the web interface or use a software program, depending on your needs.

  • Web interface accessible on all browsers
  • Simplify file management
  • Multilingual control panel: French, English and German

Smartphones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Anyone with an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android can tell you that! Everyday, we create content on the fly; being able to access, manage and share our documents at all times is a real plus! Thanks to its interconnection with WebDAV, iKeepinCloud allows you to consult all of your personal documents at any time, using the different applications that support the protocol.

  • WebDAV Navigator(free)


  • WebDAV Nav +(available for a fee)


  • SuperFiles(available for a fee)


  • Air Sharing Pro(available for a fee)


  • WebDAV Navigator(free)
    Currently being developed

Ikoula's iKeepinCloud storage solution has arrived!

Store and manage all of your content through our web interface or by using specific software, or even a Smartphone. For optimal compatibility, iKeepinCloud is accessible via different protocols (http, https, ftp, ftps and sftp)

You can protect the confidentiality of all of your documents or share some of them with your coworkers, your friends or your family through the public directory

We guarantee you optimal, unfailing security by duplicating your files 3 times on 3 different servers.

Unlike other offers on the market, iKeepinCloud’s infrastructure is based on open source blocks.

Our technical teams are available onsite 24/7, and team members are constantly trained in new technologies

When you subscribe to iKeepinCloud, you subscribe to a progressive, durable solution.

iKeepinCloud is accessible through 5 IT communication protocols.

Your data is hosted in our latest generation, 1750 m² Data Center.

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